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Eden's Thistle begins Thibaut Courtois


The gamekeeper was satisfied with the way he had made his mistake.

The fact that the Russian spot of a Russian game against the town of Thibaut Courtois was responsible for the Russian mission was obvious. Difficult to find out what went through the real destination of Real Madrid when he tried to clean the ball, before Cheryshev injured him that a prayer was not made.

"I had a little while about the activity and the attacker takes me for me, not my worries, but I'm a bit unfair"he explained the Belgian gamekeeper, who responded well later, in the interview after the permanent match on the RTBF. “I had already made a mistake with Chelsea and so I've already gone through that situation, I've not made a lot of mistakes in my job, so I kept a cool head, which I feel particularly happy. "

That makes it possible to mock this mistake, as this sentence of Eden Hazard. "Courtois" He created a reason to make the buzz ", he laughed the Brain in a mixed stream. "It's the only thing that is visiting the game, but Hey, Thibaut has saved us the fact that it doesn't really matter, yet it is the best gamekeeper in the world and gives more points! . "

An accomplished player, Thibaut Courtois laughed as he learned the words of his captain. "He took me a bit the smiled at the Devil. "But there's no problem, I love playing with him and he's confirmed him."

As a result of Eden Hazard's performance, this exchange is almost always news. So finally Courtois can thank you …

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