Eight routes for the great age

Removing barriers to home care includes reinforcing support, local support, developing temporary accommodation, especially after leaving hospital, but also creating a "devolution service". home at home. .

This “devolution benefit” would replace Apa to move closer to the PCH model and would encourage the use of all interventions which would enable domestic independence: human assistance, technical support, respite and temporary accommodation.

The other great horse of Dominique Libault, is improving on the quality of services at the heart of the report. At home and in groups, this emphasis on quality goes together listening to users better, to promote Identifying establishments and their regeneration. At this last point, the report sets out a recovery plan around 3 billion euro over 10 years.

Priority # 4: Older people tour: An end to Silos to make life easier for people

This major consultation has emphasized the need to be with older people in all stages they come to meet and simplify the process. There is praise, amongst other things, the creation one-stop shop granting the right to have one taken in by hand and following it as soon as the first signs of independence loss arise.

Priority ° 5: new offer to make a decision on the individual's free choice

The idea here is to suggest alternatives between the EHPAD and the home. Intermediate solutions as developmentrounded habitats providing community services or changing EHPADs to facilities centers that offer local services.

Priority 6 ° 6: Institutional dependents: including the contribution of people with a low income t

The report is preparing to make a financial contribution reducing the rest the smallest people. It is proposed that there will be a reduction of 300 euro of this material for around 35% of residents with a low income. Support is also offered for long stay in EHPAD (over 4 years).

Priority 7: Tackling the remoteness of older people and carers

In support of carers, especially efforts to bring them closer to the loved ones. Support may be a consequence of creating compensation leave for carers.

Priority 8: Increasing life expectancy in good health by strengthening prevention

The report's main focus is on awareness raising and tendering, as well as prohibition initiatives, "deterrence meetings" at the doctor's office at key times such as moving to retirement.

A higher life expectancy in good health will also need research, and the report recommends encouraging players to develop their research into the issue of growth.

The future of the old law in the future

Agnès Buzyn announced that this Libault report would be the foundation for old age law and that this extension would be helped by consultations of the big national debate.

If all the suggestions are not taken into account, they are still the basis for a future law which, according to the Minister for Loyalty and Health, should be in place. on the "quality of care and strengthening of cessation", "decline in the rest of the institution" and "revaluation in old age".

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