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England laughs, Spain laments – DH


After nearly ten years of control, the Spanish organizations are celebrating the time. The Englishmen are, in the sails, the wind.

In recent years, the Spanish had been condemned by Europe, it may seem that the English had regained control of European competitions. Four English clubs out of eight teams competed for the finals of the European championship, it was just ten years and the 2008-2009 season that it hadn't happened. This year Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool represented the British Isles. The first three towns have reached the forests even for the first time. FC Barcelona finally won against the Mancunians at the Olympic Park in Rome. Barcelona was the only Spanish team to hold a certificate for the finals as this season.

So an excellent opportunity for an English club to be crowned again, for the first time since 2012, with the influence of Chelsea Roberto Di Matteo. And if we add Arsenal and Chelsea to it, the two organizations have been equipped for the Europa League season, we find out that only six English clubs are still in European competition, a table. English clubs were in no way standing for the finals of the European Cup finals since the formation of the League of Europe in 1993.

Spain fled

By the side of Spain, it's a gray mine. FC Barcelona is the last representative in the Iberian League of Champions League, the first time since 2010. It is a surprise to learn that the Champions League final is … in Madrid who's t two groups of the Spanish capital have already been taken out of the competition. For Real Madrid, a three-legged defense champion, he is even the first time since 2010 and scrapped a 16 minute tour against Olympique Lyonnais. Since 2000, Spanish clubs have discovered ten hours, six Real Madrid tours and four Barça times, a run of victuals every two years. Since 2013 and the influence of Bayern Munich on Borussia Dortmund, the non-Spanish club on the cup is not built with large ears.

If Atlético Madrid fell on Cristiano Ronaldo from another planet, the last Tuesday, Real, he was amazed at the true desire and wildness of his young husband Ajacid. A new White House crash which won the Santiago Solari costume instead of a forgotten season. T If the beginning of the CR7 is unlikely to be associated with the bad season of the Mere, many have taken care of the movement of Zinedine Zidane at the end of the last season as a major loss.

The Europa League, the small sister of the Champions League, is also held by Spanish clubs. Since 2009 and in return for the UEFA Cup, Spanish clubs have won six hours, with thanks to Atletico Madrid and Sevilla FC (winners three times each). This year Valencia and Villareal are still controversial, but Genk, Slavia Prague, has surprised Sevilla after a while.

If Spanish football is worsening this season, it is a long way from the only one. Germany is in charge of the same Frankfurt Element as the European perspective, with no more French representatives.

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