From 3 to 2 pounds and 120 to 50 km / h: the E40 and A12 roads are now in Brussels with the decision of Minister Pascal Smet

The information on Drivers that comes to Brussels will be interested. The Minister is Brushed on Print E-mail Brussels has decided, next week, that the A12 and the official E40 will now no longer become the Brussels highways. It will gradually affect urban cities. After modifications, they will not be limited to 120 km / h but 50 km / h.

Today, they are still in the roads. There will be 75,000 cars per day to enter and leave a & # 39; Brussels on the A12 and E40. Shortly all of these are ready, you will have the same urban areas.

For the two routes in a question, the final kilometers before Brussels will range from three to two traffic routes and the distance will be between 120km / h to 50km / h.

The measure was determined by the Minister for Brussels to move. "There is a very simple rule in the transition policy. More space in our cars, more cars. Fewer cars we have in cars, fewer cars than we do. Without all the removal expert recognizing all over the world", launched Pascal Smet (sp.a), the Minister for Brussels to move.

Regarding the E40, the Minister of Mability will not be Prosecuted; apply only when Reyers' work is finished. For the A12, when a parking shed is built.

Flanders is going to a & # 39; hill

The decision has almost not been made that Flandish's decision is already in a position; come. "I hope this is just what was agreed: an essay that will be evaluated then, and Pascal Smet's intention is not to offer files to it; Brussels to Flanders.", says Ben Weyts (N-VA), Flemish Minister for moving.

"We can not expect the people of Brussels to wait for a long time. There are many options made in Wallonia and Flanders. Residents are willing to go to # 39; improving their quality of life, air quality, not just for them, but also for passengers. It's something good. And the experts give us a reason", responding to Pascal Smet.

Business and Tourism Ideas

The political controversy opposes a backdrop of movement. On the side of employers' companies or support for motorists, they say "Yes"… but:

  • "You are not opposed to your opinion, but we have several practical ideas. For example, by the end of 2018 we have already recommended the redevelopment of the E40 carpools"said Ischa Lambrechts, Beci Mobile Adviser, a Brussels Commercial and Business Association, a company that represents 35,000 companies in Brussels.
  • "Yes, tourism is for projects of this kind. But do not put a cart to the horse. We have long been asked for a metro, more public transport, the RER does not yet exist, it has multilingual locations …", says Lorenzo Stefani, spokesman for touring.

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