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The government wants to reduce obesity by 15% for adults and 20% for children and adolescents by 2023.
The government wants to reduce obesity by 15% for adults and 20% for children and adolescents by 2023. FRANCOIS GUILLOT / AFP

Too much weight and obesity, encouraging French and dining activities healthier: Prime Minister Edouard Philippe met on Monday, March 25, an inter-ministerial committee on health, followed by a dozen or so. barrier steps. Although obesity affects 17% of the adult population, a percentage who are breaking very social and direct differences, the government sets the first targets for measuring the size of the disease. T This should be reduced by 2023 in adults and 20% in children and young people.

Those targets, which are regarded as ambitious by a number of experts, are the total opportunity to set out the new road network activity, nine years after the previous obesity plan 2010-2013. “Obesity is like death, but it is a gateway for many timenoted Professor Olivier Ziegler, co-ordinator of the Nancy Center for Obesity. It is a complex disease, which requires a global approach that can be learned for cancer, diabetes … "

The program for government focuses on it "Strong social sustainability" the magnitude of this disease, including an example "Staff are four times more likely than nursery children" t. So it is getting out early by noticing the size and weight of an individual. Overseas borders, which are twice as obesity as a chair, must require to be a subject of revised programs. Effective use of the obesity treatment (68,000 bariatric operations in 2017, compared to 15,000 in 2006), needs to be strengthened more effectively.

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“All these steps are relevant, judges of Professor Jean-Michel Oppert, a doctor at the Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris) hospital. However, it is still to be seen how they will be piloted and funded. "

Feeding signs

For food shortages, the government will adopt the nutritional criteria set out in January with French Public Health: more products, raw, if possible, organic, and less sweet, salted foods, t upset. For meat, the French should be no more than 500 grams per week, aiming at hens.

Nutri-Score is a device that is currently presented on 20% of food products and has been promoted, but remains optional. In terms of the reduction of salt content, which France has promised to the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce consumption by 30% by 2025, the Government announces that"Consideration will be given by professionals from 2019" t bread, but a regular threshold is not set at this stage.

"This program does not have strict measures, necessary the will and political will."regrets Serge Hercberg, professor of nutrition in the University of Paris 13, and Nutri-Score maker. Likewise, if the ambition is implemented by the government for promoting physical activity, there are very few concrete signs in this “order”.

Another aim of the government is to introduce the prohibition on the sale of tobacco and alcohol to young people. T. It is hoped to carry out training in drink and tobacco and also financial studies. On the other hand, there is no measure of advertising restrictions, or on floor prices, that the slaves consider to be too high.

The challenge will be to unlock new usage indicators developed by Public Health France (SpF). The slogan: “With your health, only two glasses a day and not every day” A decline in communications campaign is taking place until it is held in April. Of these, 23.6% of French people crossed these indicators, according to the weekly Epidemiological magazine published Tuesday, March 26. “20% of heavy drinkers spend 80% of the alcohol sold, remember Michel Reynaud, president of Addict Aide, we live in a society that, according to his many provocations, reveals to heavy drinkers. "

With 41,000 deaths a year, alcohol is one of the main causes of a possible death. As well as the common belief, there are health risks from the first drink every day. "Our aim is to allow the French to make an informed choice about spending that is less dangerous for their health"SpF says. To assess its own eating rate, a new tool is proposed on the website.

Pascale Santi and Mathilde Gérard

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