“green” household products generated by survey

A green fruit that gives us a guarantee of reverence, along with them, of our planet and our health when we do housework or laundry. Ingredients called natural, fertile, animation … But according to a survey 60 million usersthese materials are often misleading. A laundry, a uniform for washing, disinfection … This magazine is looking for allergies and irregularities in all the materials that ecologists display.

The businesses that are the aim of the survey are protecting themselves. Depending on them, the potential effects on individuals' health and the environment are assessed, including the risk of allergy. Another warning from some experts: the results of housing called organisms are not always harmless. for 60 million usersthe most richest products are: black soap, baked soda, white wine vinegar, as long as they are not considered to be caught on other toxic molluscs.

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