How the melting of this glacier is affected by its & # 39; planet

Imagine a height of 300 meters hole, and a region representing two-thirds of Manhattan. You will find an idea of ​​the search for researchers within the Thwaites glaciers, in Antarctica.

As big as England or Florida

The Thwaites glaciers are a large base of ice, as large as Britain or Florida. He has been worried scientists since the early 2000s.

This white giant will quickly dissolve, rapidly, due to global warming. In the last twenty years it has been a half kilometer decline per year.

And discharging its waters into the ocean is a affect sea level. Thwaites are already responsible for 4% of rising seas.

14 billion tonnes of ice is stored

Scientists' concerns have marked an increase at the end of January with their discovery NASA study, a huge variation in the glacier.

The size of this hole represents 14 billion tonnes of ice that was melted in 3 years!

Rising sea level

The melting of this Antarctica giant has a profound effect on the extent of all the seas. According to NASA scientists, it can only raise the sea level with 65 centimeters.

And, due to its position as a other glacier dam, its difference could increase the ocean with 2.4 meters, if ice is melted.

The challenges of the scientific intent on Thwaites

Running against the clock

The challenge is now to know how long in the Thwaites league. Is it a question of decades, centuries or a thousand years?

The US-British scientific mission attempts to solve this mysterious secret.

Researchers in a race against time against world warming …

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