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It seems to be a new video that shows R. Kelly a & # 39; worrying girls under age


A new video was found and it looks like it looks R & B R. Kelly's star and # 39; Concerning underage girls, Gloria Allred lawyer specializes in this type of business Sunday at a news conference in New York.

This video that could be dangerous to the singer, cut in February, found in Chicago with 10 counts of genuine sexual abuse on four women, including three children, with a gary and Sallie Dennis, attending Sunday with Allred Ms.

Mr Dennis, father of two daughters, told journalists that he found the video by storing old basket. One of them was recorded as a sport with a concert with R. Kelly.

He said he started watching him before he found it, "surprising and awesome," was not a concert but R. Kelly's "abduction of people who grazed African Americans sexually. "

"It seemed like he was the guides of the girls, who just thought he did not ask them to do," he said.

He was throwing the failure but was restored by his wife, who saw the documentary "Surviving R. Kelly" released in January.

Several women opposed the 52-year-old singer who gave sex to girls under 16, and be spread by sex slaves.

Ms. Allred that Mr Dennis had never been to meet or her; talk to a well-known musician. She did not specify how he was with the request.

The video was sent to the exams and will not be made public, the lawyer said.

This is the third failure that appeared in public for 15 days after broadcasting the documentary.

His first two were named by Michael Avenatti, another lawyer; representing victims of R. Kelly.

Ms. Allred said she thought "R Kelly's other tapes were in circulation", and calling on anyone else; they could "give them to the authorities".

Since February was convicted of minor crimes convicted between 1998 and 2010, R. Kelly, who refused the fees, was released on a $ 100,000 trust.

He was read on Wednesday for his wife's failure to pay money, and then he was deposited Saturday after paying £ 161,000.

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