Laeticia Hallyday out with her daughters in the United States: Jade and Joy were ordered to leave the country

Sylviane Destaillats is more than nanny, she is also a close friend of Laeticia Hallyday and is an essential part of the family.

She has been living with Day Day for 10 years to support Laeticia. During Johnny's long illness, his presence was crucial. Unfortunately, Laeticia, Jade and Joy need to learn from her alone.

Sylviane was ordered by US authorities to leave land. In a question? New decision by Donald Trump, who offers a national election for office. Sylviane's visa does not allow them to work on American soil, so she had to leave the country on 31 January after the last school had Jade and Joy.

Fortunately, three days later, Laeticia's mother, Françoise Thibaut, came ashore in Los Angeles for a few days!

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