macOS 10.15: There's new music, Podcasts, Books and Apple TV on the horizon

The great reconstruction of macOS (10.15 no doubt)There will be four new applications: Music, Podcasts and Books. Apple has also been named during the season special event dedicated to the services, that the Apple Apple app has changed to Mac. Guilherme Rambo confirms the reports at Steve Troughton-Smith's weekend, adding new information … and images for Podcasts and Apple TV (read: the apps at Marzipan have the is now iTunes.

Like Apple News, there's a bar in addition to the Book Bar, and a bar at the top displaying different charts according to the categories (library and users: both books and bookshop) t -student). In his library, the library receives its books, audiobooks, PDFs and other collections.

The Music, Podcasts and Apple TV applications are based on UIKit for Mac, the device for quickly changing iPad apps to macOS (Marzipan). The development of new books is still very vague if we can design pieces with Marzipan.

Another sign of the background change that appears: Nicolas sees when it was querying APIs of iTunes for information about webcasting, they spent time on the domain name. no more

With the new Podcasts, Music and Apple TV software, we can be amazed at the future of iTunes. According to the weather 9to5Mac, the jukebox is still present in macOS 10.15, which was supported by the syncing activities in iTunes with iOS devices.

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