Master Mainz supports Mogi Bayat: "Anderlecht has financial difficulties and loses its principles"


The actor's agent agent, then, came to support his client.

Mogi Bayat commented on what he thought about the way in which the RSCA had communicated the rupture between the two parties. The SPRL Creative and Management Group ("CMG"), a Belgian company called Mogi Bayat, has released the news release by RSC Anderlecht ("RSCA") at Tuesday afternoon. CMG did not to hold this debate in the media and it is difficult for RSCA to communicate publicly about a contractual direct dispute on unpaid commercial receipts (and not always debated), " can we read in a statement. In remembrance, Anderlecht said Tuesday that his company CMG, Mogi Bayat, had secured a fund of assets; club.

"For almost a year, in February 2018, well before the beginning of the work called Clean Hands, CMG has often said that the invoices will be paid by the RSCA", can we still find in the news release . "The RSCA did not reach any response to the different letters and CMG notices".

For his, Jean-Philippe Mainz also contributed to this case: "The solicitor who is dealing with Mr Bayat's company who has included this application and it seems to be legitimate for me" He told us our colleagues at RTBF first. He did not stop having been very hard with a Brussels club: "I do not understand all situations in a club such as Anderlecht (…) who is behavior is particularly bad. At that time, Mr Bayat, and in particular his company, organized the order to move. These changes were made and they gave a lot of money to Anderlecht."

And go back:
"They agree not to pay them just because I think they have financial difficulties but especially under the excuse is very unlawful to say do not pay the agents that their own hands would not be paid. Head of Anderlecht to let alone say that someone is unrelated And expecting our country to be innocent And if the person involved in the repository of his company to be deferred, what would he normally do not agree to talk to him more about it? I think it's really tired and I am I emphasize my words. We lost the principles. And if we miss them, it's a big deal Anderlecht – it seems – there are heavy financial difficulties. "

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