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Most Walloon ends: "We don't negotiate under the pressure of a small organization," said Crucke

Patricia Potigny, a Member of the MR Parliament, who named it link to the Destexhe lists earlier this week, finished most of the Walloon and donated a large part of the Walloon project. including the terms of an MR-cdH consortium to pass before the end of the legislation.

We will not reset our texts under a small body weight, whether it is right or right, Wednesday morning said the Minister for Energy, Football, Jean-Luc Crucke, when he reached the expanded Wallonia Parliamentary Bureau meeting.

“What we negotiate is how we work to retain the credit of institutions, government and parliament, and see what can be done to share Wallonia. Life does not end with an order vote. Values ​​are more important »he said.

"Do you want to add a share because the place we want to list isn't when we list less than 150 votes better, it's inappropriate", following the minister to the address of Patricia Potigny, the old MP who registered his inventory Destexhe lists earlier this week, to mark the end of the Walloon Wall and add to the list. adopting the contexts in which an MR partnership was held. -HdH wanted to pass before the end of the legislation.

These include, for the following afternoon, aid reform to employment promotion (EPA) voted for parliamentarians but the session could be packed back with the decision of the enlarged office where there is a the MR and the CDH kept most of the activity. A flask of hand which tormented the chorus PS and Ecolo.

Current issues

"If the session was canceled, there would be scandal, let's democracy," The head of Socialist Pierre-Yves Dermagne responded.“If the MR and cdH find out they are no longer mostly, they have to pull the results and engage in everyday work. It was a danger – a majority to one seat. Today, we can only see a failure of a model, a method of using power " t he carried on.

"It would be foolish to have the government to stop the Parliament working. No decision is made on the full-session of democracy»he accompanied the group Ecolo Stéphane Hazée.

Shortly after 11:00, the office was still progressing and was named in the Walloon Parliament, news release of Alain Destexhe and 2 Walloon Walloon – Patricia Potigny and Andre-Pierre Puget .

> The MR loses most in Wallonia: "The government is no longer valid", according to Stéphane Hazée.

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