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New Dawn Far Cry – PlayStation 4

Back to the front.

If you think the Far Cry 5 is less than a year old it can be a great reason to publish, especially since the Far Cry New Dawn is here and it's feel absolutely Far Cry itself. Although it is not a expansion, there is a smaller and shorter game which is aimed at its script initiative. Far Cry New Dawn you can expect from the Far Cry recipe. An enormous open world to escape and explore, a huge range of terrible guns to do, lots of activities right up to keep you busy and, of course, all the explosions that push your screen. Far Cry New Dawn also gives some new tools that add some of the gameplay elements to it. Some people are not working as well as expecting people, but they do enough to keep the game from the past. The new RPG system allows you to fight more advanced enemies who are more difficult to kill, especially if you don't have the best equipment for fighting, and the ability to get to t Pressing out and re-positioning to "This is a good way to increase the problem and to get ethanol and cool rare garments to allow players to continue to reduce these elbows after the end. t the game.

New Dawn starts seventeen years after the end of the world having come in the Far Cry 5. The group has gone. Instead, small groups of people created shelter together to try to create a refuge. You play the role of the female who was sent to a place called Prosperity to help them grow and grow. A group of deadly rebels called Ravagers, led by crazy twins, Lou and Mickey, are breaking on your train and what goes wrong. After a rare introduction, you can see New Dawn's view of Hope County, a cast of extraordinary characters and the incredible open world that is to be explored. The aim of the game is to create a safe place by supporting the mass escorts through the map, bringing them back to the first camp, updating their equipment and getting rid of them. Ravagers once and for everyone. The Far Cry series is famous for its enemies and twins Mickey and Lou are now taking part. Their stories would have been a little more enjoyable but they are two great girls who like the end of the world, managing a diverse group of killing people. After Joseph Seed he finds it difficult to spot their presence and although Ubisoft has tried to represent these two words as bad words, their characters are not deep enough for the player to be cared for.

Hopeland that's almost impossible to know.

It is hoped that the counties' lands were moved, lochs were formed, and mountains were created as a result of damage from nuclear attack. This means that the map is generally quite different. Of course, you meet famous marks, but it's difficult to identify exactly where you are standing as Far Cry. This is "Super Bloom", which means that most of the land and landmarks are now covered in beautiful vegetation. Animals have also altered a bit of big horns, their pebbles are like a stone-like skin and there are even more deadly spikes than they ever had with big stone drains which could easily be hit. The same goes for the places, as they are now very different but still partially acknowledged. The Pests captured landmarks across the map and turned them to their own base for collecting the scarce resources on the land, ethanol. There is no money in the game, instead, you take control of those posts, you get them back, you are racing to get over the cargo from the air, and you will be gather everything you do, make weapons and things and improve success.

The new economy will lead the player, but it's not as flexible as it might have been. Resources are plentiful, good and bad. In some ways, it's the chance to focus your focus on the world, the player, and the story, but otherwise, it really closes the window. Correspondingly, all the things you can do are great and the faulty character places some of the truth. Finally, how some of the items add to the truth and they are not getting involved in the subject or the situation of the game. A single-horned refuge. These weapons are then added to the battle, which is more familiar than ever. Jump, slide, put down the enemies from above, and of course, stealth is at the rendezvous. With the new classification system, you need to unlock higher level skills to loosely crash from level 3 and elite enemies, but that doesn't make any difference once and for all. your cannt gun is canned, you can go on the enemies and die quickly.

Concept emerging.

The biggest problem the game has is the way it changes it. At first, you are struggling to lift and wake up all the challenges as soon as possible, but shortly after the introduction of comprehensive weapons. T at least in the game or in the Club of Ubisoft, things go with ease. We would like to see Fary Cry develop her challenges throughout the job, not just for the first act. Even registered enemies are getting too easy, and attacking the highest-status sites just needs to use arcade to disable all remote warning devices. By taking advantage of this weakness, you can easily turn back hard equipment. The progress of the characters will depend on the extent and condition of Deeper and the resolution and enhancement of Survivors will get you the chance to learn new skills, weapons and new techniques. Again, you can attack the e-mail at its highest level and publish everything at a half-time level of the adventure. Correspondingly, the system of improvement is a useful feature that gives you the opportunity to work and try to save all Lifeguards and to realize all the benefits.

I have no doubt that the best of the game is the new mode of Expeditions. Throughout the game, as you develop this part of Success, you will have access to other Expeditions. These initiatives go on outside County Hope and create beautiful spots across the United States. They have also been affected by nuclear impact, so that their appearance and feel will go well on the whole game, and you and your partner must go on the map, avoid all, or kill everything. look for a backdrop and get out of the ways you are still standing up to the attack of enemies. Once you have the bag, a GPS flame sounds after 30 seconds. All enemies start to move as you try to reach the headland and live as the helicopter arrives. These initiatives identified a massive disruption from a typical County Hope research and all offered a unique place to visit, all with unique methods and opportunities for fighting. Perhaps the strangest on board is the H.M.S. MacCoubrey, who takes you into a big boat, take the sack and leave the slope on a motorcycle. It was fun and enjoyable as everything you get from these campaigns is used to make the most powerful tools available.

Everything then changes to the Far Cry New Dawn after a special stage where you can get specific powers with the name Eden's Touch. With these powers you can make a double jump, burn down enemies while you are healing yourself and even getting up in gloomy to beat everyone. These tourist missions and tours are a little easier then but your approach will change, which also changes your knowledge. The session will bring you an average of the New Dawn Far Cry Bar for locations you will know for finding treasure treasures, replacing it with a rebellious party, recruiting new alliances (soldiers as one or animals), territory. ethanol collection and improving your base. It's a circle that works and you don't get tired because the world has enough to keep you busy and to attract attention. Add to that partnership approach and one of the best ways to spend your time.

What's going on?

Although it still runs version 2.0 of the Dunia graphics tool (used from Far Cry 3), this new program is producing really successful technical performance. Field intensities are made from good shells, well-managed night / night walks, and the weather is very sensible. The size of the playground and the potential it has in relation to respect. The animation remains very weak on consoles, despite some important weather conditions, and the suffering of suffering from a force at South Cage 5. Warriors will follow their actions. activity. . Your friends are really powerful, and sometimes you can make some missions for getting your weapons. If there are some problems (particularly managing the database), the player at the New Da Da Cry is still very big and can be controlled in a small amount. T seconds. PS4 asks, indeed, PS Vita can be played through the Remote Play feature, and they are still very enjoyable. On PS4 Pro, we have a solution in 1620p (against a 1080p basis).

The game lasts about twenty-five hours while you're doing the key questions, suggesting that it is capable of repeating a second (good and bad). There is also an opportunity to return and finish everything that is difficult to do in the trade and to finish the challenges on a range of problems too. These are fun and enjoyable events so there is a reason to return there. Unfortunately, C Cry New Dawn's biggest obstacle lies in his search system. It might be a very good thing that brought new challenges and new lines of gameplay, but in the end it fell apart because it is not big enough to take your attention. The first time you see a high level guard is approaching, but as soon as you know you can be killed by a rifle or dynamite at home, things will get worse. But the magic in the open world and the games of the game, and we all know that Ubisoft is standing in this field. Towards the end, the sound is very good, with well-chosen music, double sound and sound effects.


Far Cry New Dawn provides an inspiring insight into the Apocalypse with memorable characters, very good activity and a good range of specific activities to keep their knowledge alive and healthy. Unless it is clear that the new series is very much in relation to C Cry New Dawn, it returns the strong foundations to those who existed before, and this should be enough for everyone to share. by kind. The system of improvement has been updated, the multi-player side is unforgettable, allowing the campaign to proceed in collaboration with technical performance indicating great progress (to date). especially on the color side.

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