Nintendo Lab: the VR device is available

The Nintendo Labo folder to turn your Switch into a virtual reality is now available. In it, there is a 6 Toy-Con kit. The first course is the course that the board-card helmet comes in that could slide its consular. It is thought to be a cardboard where we pull into his mobile. Then there is another Toy-Con for the collection of gun, camera, bird, elephant or wind pedaling. The package is available for 69.90 euros.

Note that Nintendo also offers a slightly smaller package, including a small selection of start-up projects, the Toy-Con for building VR glasses and the barrel.

Source: @Nintendo

Indeed, with the same tool, Nintendo does not want to play the same as Oculus, HTC or Sony with its Playstation VR. With his VR equipment, the Kyoto company wants to attract all that is younger. Small games have been included to enjoy Toy-Con, but many games should benefit future VR spectacles, such as Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda: Breath the Wild, which in t it will be eligible to update the correspondence on 26 April.

Players will also be able to find the Toy-Con VR workshop to find out how games work and change them, or to create new ones.

Source: @Nintendo

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