Photovoltaic: the "without panels" must pay 16 per cent 29 per annum plus

Walloon, Cwape's power regulator has been numbered: the network target will cost photovoltaic owners almost 60 million annually for "without panels".

A & # 39;The tussle between the Walloon Minister of Energy, Jean-Luc Crucke (MR) and the regulator of the department (La Cwape) have committed to being rigorous. Is the subject angry? The "prosumer target". From January 2020, the Cwape for the price regulations for the discharge of electricity. The aim: to make the target fairer, by making photovoltaic panel owners better contribute to network costs. This means that owners have to pay signage for the network as soon as possible; and they will pull electricity from it. Rowing can not be made when the meter turns over.

But the Crucke Minister does not want to hear about this new sum. So, it has passed – on its first reading – draft crawl, to get to # 39; Protect 150,000 Walloon houses with panels. Only those who install in July 2019 are responsible for the & # 39; "rate prosumer". Do not put the ruler off … It must be said that he had just completed his new rates, for the period 2019-2023. And that these included the famous "tariff prosumer". "The revenue generated from 2020 is estimated to be applying a prosumer target at 59 million euros per annum"Antoine Thoreau, director of Cwape. New financial finances, which have a "price reduction" without panels "from 16 to 29 per annum, according to figures given by Cwape.

16 to 29 euros per year

But that was before the Minister of Crucke did everything. If the $ 59 million rescue project succeeds, it will be necessary to get this sum in the "without panels" pocket. Who pays between 16 and 29 per annum. This would involve a change in the targets of the network operations, which have just been agreed.

The prospector is not allowed to leave. "Our aim is always to bring about this cost from 2020, especially since the Chassis Court has been proven; it is inspired by Europe, and is put into place in other areas. We are confident that these elements will allow the government to re-consider its decision "Stephane Renier, president of Cwape. And if Jean-Luc Crucke continues? "Then, Cwape needs to challenge this step before the Constitutional Court, because its executive sovereignty is in a" rulerous case ". He'll spend up …

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