police call for witnesses

, a 31-year-old woman, left 1-GRN-608 Kangoo Renault registered on the emergency stop strip just before the entrance to the gas station Q8 that is on the left. Thieu. The young woman was just violent disruption
near the station.

Fighting carriage hit the second traffic road.

►► Cecilia, cut on the E42, leaves a 9-year-old daughter

In the context of this mortal disaster, the inspectors asked anyone who saw the disaster, as well as anyone who saw the Renault Kangoo a few minutes before he came on.

If you have any information about this fact, please contact the inspectors.


If you have more information about this fact, we invite you to contact the police through the free number 0800 / 30.300.

You can also reply by email: [email protected]

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