She has to pay $ 9900 for 30 tablets per month to cure her cancer

A woman with $ 9900 lung cancer must be paid per month for 30 records for the fight of the disease.

Élisabeth Delpy suffers from cancer "to avoid smoking" with the genitive cause. She and her husband are asking the government to pay for this very serious remedy, which was recommended by the doctor.

The second application made a request for a "special patient" to the Quebec Health Insurance Board (RAMQ), despite which he refused.

"It's a cancer that affects many Asian people in southeast Asia," said Kelvin Arroyo, Delpy's husband. Asians are 50% of women affected, the rest is the rest of the planet. Few men have defeated men. and [ça touche] People who do not smoke more than 100 minutes of life. "

"When the doctor told me about this drug, Tagrisso said, saying that he was the drug for my cancer, he told us it was expensive," said Delpy, say he is provides an opportunity to avoid chemotherapy.

Tagrisso's drug is the third generation, which is more effective in preventing the development of mental brain. The government does not return but the second generation, which is causing more impacts.

As soon as the judgment was cited, the two who decided to cite them; the job has gone up. "Elizabeth must have a big deal with his cancer, the heaviest ones on the burden, while I have given the trust, is that to be & # 39; fight for reaching this drug, "he said.

According to Mr Arroyo, INESSS (the National Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Services, which supports drugs in Quebec) has recognized the drug. "It was told me that the drug's suggestion is on the agenda of his minister [Danielle] McCann and is responsible for making a decision. "

He confirms that the work is not easy for the authorities, which need to make the right balance, especially between the price that his / her; a medical company and its political context; Do this medicine back into private for American neighbors, but not here. "We are the only hope of the RAMQ. We also need to support our politicians so that they can support us so we can team-work with them."

Mr Arroyo is asking the RAMQ system and the procedure that is being taken forward without having a & # 39; Take on drugs that an oncologist still praises for a patient.

However, the couple feel a bit of sympathy on the Ministry of Health, which encourages them to be positive for the future. "We're fighting for that." In the meantime, Ms Delpy's & # 39; doing well and keep her spirit up. But the fight looks hard and long.

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