Six abdominal pen so you never got out

HEALTH – Most people have a suffer stomachaches regularly. However, over time, there is an uncomfortable problem that we all feel, a bit of abdominal pain; means a serious ill health problem and should not be forgotten.

That said, it might be difficult to know if your stomach gets away by itself or if you need to see your doctor. Find out below the six types of abdominal pain you always give.

1. The pain is still

There is any feeling of crude discomfort – that's pain, continuous or rehabilitation that lasts three months or longer – you must visit the doctor or nutrition, says Liz McMahon, a surveyor who works in Philadelphia . This type of discomfort includes characters such as & # 39; diarrhea, arthritis, after-eating pain, a & # 39; Feeling full of some mythology, warming and gas.

These problems may be due to both depression and absorption of lacta, or to more complicated mental disorder such as gastroparesis, gastric emptiness disorder.

"It is important to consult with a gastroenterologist in order to eliminate severe diseases such as disorders of unwielded wheels or celiac disease, but also to establish a proper proof, "she says. "Once you know what the problem is, the feeder can recommend a suitable food."

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2. Nausea will not apply to its & # 39; pain

There are many reasons for stomach disorders with rubbish or evaluation, says Elena Ivanina, a gastroenterologist at Lenox Hill Hospital. These include sheep's obstacles, gastrointestinal disease, inflammation, kidney stones, ovarian cough breaking, ulcer and even heart attack.

"Many other statements can be considered. Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor if there are shoots and waulking together with the pain of illness," she is ; praised.

In fact, there are some cases of exclusion due to tension or food poisoning and usually taking place in a couple of days.

"Most people have been feeling a stomach that lasts about twenty four hours and they know what it is," she said. But you need to make a meeting with a doctor if the pain is unusual, which grows, do not have a & # 39; go away, or accompany symptoms such as fever or blood in the stool.

3. Stool is blood in conjunction with penalty or mischief

"A doctor needs to cause blood from her mouth or anus," said Samantha Nazareth, a New York gastroenterologist.

Be aware that blood in the stool is not essential. It can be black as a tar, which is often a mark of higher blood in the excavation route, such as the stomach. Some gastrointestinal strikes may be due to the confirmation, recreation, hemorrhoids, gastric ulcer or cancer, she says.

But some food and medication can also cause tarry stools. So it's important to check out the medicines you are continuing and your food, and Niket Sonpal, Senior Lecturer at Touro Osteopathic Medicine College. These include, for example, blueberries, beets and black licorice, and medicines such as iron tablet and biotech handling such as Pepto-Bismol.

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4. You feel fast and intense pain

If you have a staggering problem suddenly, there may be something wrong. Special, local "pain" an awareness that can be long enough to remove the breath, split separately or which affects the inside of the two hands, which occurs in waves "such as hammocks or sandstone, explaining Niket Sonpal.

It is worth considering apps if you are. gets pain, Samantha Nazareth says. Pain is often painful, sudden and worse; happening or missing. Ulster pain, pancreatitis or binding may have a severe pain.

"It is essential to identify the type of pain that is perceived, as it can be in memory of different things," said Niket Sonpal, saying that it is important not to " Waiting for help if you have acute pain.

5. There is an uninterrupted help penalty with penalty or discomfort

"Pressure is always causing uncertainty or reckless concern and a doctor must be assessed, whether there is any pain or any other pain with him," said Elena Ivanina. Can be associated with cancer, continuous pancreatitis, Crohn's disease or other pathologies.

6. Fever is accompanied by pen or discomfort

If you feel uncomfortable and that the temperature of the body is higher than usual, it can show that there is a disease. In such cases, you must talk to a doctor, and consult Niket Sonpal.

You know your body better than anyone. If you think something is wrong – and even if you're not sure it's bad – you should check a doctor. Do not just wait to pass.

This article, published on American HuffPost, has been translated by Laure Motet for Fast ForWord.

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