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Skin haul: Smokers allowed the chance to last – 18/02/2019

British researchers have found that people with melanoma – one of the most poor skin cancer forms – can express their & They can survive if they have been smoking for a long time.

This study, led by a team from the University of Leeds and funded by Cancer Research UK, monitored 703 melanoma patients by the protection of their cellular cells and their; look at the genetic signs of the body's protection response.

Their findings, published by the Cancer Research magazine, showed that there was a connection between tobacco and the potential to live for melanoma. At the end, 40% were more likely to suffer by & # 39; The cancer survives ten years after they have been first confirmed to those who have never been smoked.

Scientists believe that tobacco can have a direct impact on the way in which the body affects cancer cellular cells, but they do not. adds that their investigation can not ensure that tobacco is responsible for the lower permanent level.

Smoking smoking should be highly recommended for people with melanoma

"The defense system is an orchestra, with many instruments. This study suggests that smoking can stop the way in which it works in a single way, and allows some of musicians continue to play but are probably more uncommon "author's name Julia Newton-Bishop.

"As a result, smoking may still be able to arrange a protection response to detect and destroy melanoma, but this response appears to be less effective than people who do not smoke, and that smoking was less likely to survive cancer. "

"From these results, smoking smoking should be highly recommended for people with melanoma."

Previous surveys have already shown that smoking could adversely affect the protection system, but researchers did not have the chemicals that were responsible for accurately pulling this effect.

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