Snakes return … on Google Maps – Geeko

In this 1st April, Google plays the game and introduces the Snake cult into the Google Maps application. Other Google platforms were added to small fish eggs.

From the mobile application (iOS and Android) or on its official website, Google Maps allows users to play Snake in a version designed for the mapping tool. Of course, it's not the original game, but a special change to Google Maps.

It is no longer a snake that the players run, but a train. Through the cities between San Francisco, London, Sidney, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Cairo, or even the world map, the player must restore travelers on the pixelated map and avoid the frame or obstacles.

To play it, just select the options and click on "Play Snake".

This is not the first time that Google has taken over this cult game of the 90s and re-appeared on the famous GSM Nokia icon. The search appliance contains an easier game with a game play, simply insert a "snake" in the search bar to find the snake game in the search results.

A bit of fun 1st April remains available on Google Maps for a week before departing. It's not the same thing as a Mountain View company from Google Nederland too, an interesting feature for the Google Home Google Tulip. A personal assistant who is able to talk to tulips.

But also the Files By Google application with your User Screen Cleaner. This allows you to clean a table or smartphone with haptic movements. A smelly Screen Cleaner would have the ability to release a milky smell and a protective magnetic field around the machine.

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