Stib: young people set fire to the canal

The event took place this Saturday night in Botanique.

QOn Saturday night, Metro traffic between Arts-Loi and Elisabeth was halted for a quarter of a minute after an event in the Botanique, learned Soir. The situation was revived around 20:40, and the Stib speaker, Françoise Ledune says.

Young people returned to the subway train and were shaking about 20h gas seats, setting the fire. A cloud of strong smoke and smell was released. A rash window was blasted and was knocked out. The spokesman said all the passengers at Botanique had been moved out quickly.

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No damage should be broken down, Mr Ledune said. T "We have warned the police and the surveillance images will be examined," she said, saying the train where the fire started had been reduced to a storage point.

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