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story from April of April

This month on Netflix, supporters will be able to find out about the continuity of programs that are already worth Lucifer and show the season 3 but also the second part of Sabrina's New Adventures t .

In memory, this series is smaller than teenagers and a much darker version of the 90s famous sitcom. The sound of the passage would even say that the series was Riverdale need Sabrina's appearance in his next few times, which is certainly a pleasure.

Still unaware of the general public, Many in France This is probably not the case this month on Netflix. We found the comedian Gad Elmaleh on his adventure to Los Angeles to find his 16-year-old son. The artist will have to rebuild his life and life. Descriptive side, Our Plan gives us a new and intriguing scene with the greatest phenomena in nearly 50 different countries in 4K UHD.

The 4wearegamers website gives a list of this month's publication.

-s series

Pokemon: Series, season 2: 1 April
Lucifer, season 3: 2 April
Quicksand, more anything: April 5
The New Show from Sabrina, part 2: April 5
VS. Wild: 10th April
Special: 12 April
Great in France: 12 April
My first love: April 18
Defender, season 2: April 26
Rooms: Hi soon


Iron Man 2: 1 April
Unicorn source : April 5
April and the deceitful world : April 9
The Silence : 12 April
Who would you like to be on an island? : 12 April
The perfect date : April 12
Kung Fu Panda 3 : April 17
A fortunate man : 19 April
Some good : 19 April
The hunter and the ice queen : April 23


On our planet: April 5
Brene Brown: Call for Confidence: t 19 April
The grass of the grener is: t April 20
Street food: April 26
Remastered: Devil at the crossroads: April 26


Ultraman: 1 April
Rilakkuma and Kaoru: 19 April
Baki: Part 2: April 30th
Ingress: Animation: April 20

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