Tesla is introducing one of the major models of online sales


Tesla stops selling the cheapest version of Model 3 online, thinking the car would turn into a large car manufacturer, completing a slightly extra test. T for a month.

"We are removing (the standard version of Model 3) options available online, which means that customers need to contact us or visit one of the Tesla shops," said Alex. write an electric car chariot A blog is broadcast overnight from Thursday to Friday.

This conclusion aims to “simplify production operations to make costs, more complex and simple,” said the car group.

Tesla, who sold the car at $ 35,000 before tax on 28 February, is pleased to introduce his distribution model, declaring his car sales on t saw it online.

But Chief Executive Elon Musk had decided to close the Tesla shops, saying the group, which runs cars and so on, would keep the merchant some.

Now the cheapest version of the Model 3 online recommended by Tesla is sold at 39,500 dollars, far from 35,000 dollars that were promised by the group when this vehicle was introduced in three years t back.

This is the fourth time since the start of the year that the underlying price for Model 3 has changed.

Latest updates came just days after the recovery of vehicles from the first quarter of the fleet on Tesla vehicles and electricity cars altogether.

The sale of Tesla in the United States has been affected by the positive reduction in federal tax credit awarded to net cars, up to $ 3,500 against $ 7,500 at the end of 2018. This credit should be wiped out early in 2020.

Thursday, Tesla also publishes his car rental, it will not be possible to buy it back at the end of the lease, as the organization plans to incorporate them into the car fleet devolution.

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