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The dickrums of the RSCA in 5 questions

Anderlecht's shipwreck discovered on Saturday in Genk (3-0), an extension from the field by Hein Vanhaezebrouck's media attack on payment.

The club believes that everything is paid through legal fees, according to the former RSCA coach, in the meantime, there is still a lot of insurance to cover and Anderlecht is on the Licensing Commission. Treat by believing that …

In a while, even further than the night of 16 December (removing Hein Vanhaezebrouck after the defeat of Cercle Brugge), the Anderlecht boat is sailing in a storm.

Review of 5 questions that feature public opinion.

1. Is Fred Rutten going through?

Since his appointment, the Dutch coach challenge has been challenging. 5th selection of guidance (behind De Boer, Cocu, Jol and Hjulmand), introduced a CDI. Although this contractual formula is common in the physical world, it is not as big in a football world, where the beginning and end of it is expected (even if used). T principally for the "value of a sale" of a game or a coach). The club makes this choice highly committed to long-term commitment. An outdoor destination was the outer world of easy and free access to a man who sent the farm back to Twente after 6 months of contract … t

The first implant, reinforced by the sweet eyes made in the Danish coach in January Kasper Hjulmand (Rutten was free, Hjulmand not), now supported by a format of a secret record: re-published from his duties to Nordsjaelland, Hjulmand who would benefit from his free time to study the strengths and weaknesses of his heart.

In those circumstances, Fred Rutten was sorry to feel within and beyond the environment, especially as the Play-Offs appeared, reminding me of the atmosphere. The end of the podium was that of the end t ..

But beyond his life, Rutten's real style is spread.

If it is very difficult for his strategies to be clear, unstable and easily acceptable to the group, it is amazing that he chooses to choose his players … When he is get bakkali (almost only know Rutten when he arrives) when it is not that easy to do. In contrast, Saelemaekers he has no voice while being one of the best anderlechtois at the beginning of the season. We can continue: Obradovic he returned quickly with grace Cobbaut, wound income, away from the traffic reason. Sanneh team (not a game play under Rutten) and Lawrence doesn't affect anyone, … And more widely, young people (Salemaekers, Amuzu, Bornauw, Kayembe, …) have been turned on. t take them down when there were a few reasons for advance distribution. Inhospitable youngsters, just this small thing Versariren Yari it stands out, with a recent contract extended to 2022.

Finally, as well as his choices, Fred Rutten's situation is not going to challenge. Matching it is quite unusual and visual, as it gave away. And at a press conference, his statements seem to be amazed: " tWe saw the difference between a candidate for the title (Genk) and the candidate for the title (Anderlecht)"or again:"Bruges is clearly the best team in the countryThe strategies may show something variable to get rid of their weight, the more pragmatic finding of more mystery (naïveté?) In the verb.And if Rutten is really believing in what he says, how his success will then inspire his men with an inspiring and inspiring message?

2. Which representatives?

At the moment, And Andlelecht is over.

With Fred Rutten, we seek Karim Belhocine (a rare worker from the previous workforce) and Arnaud Van Zalm (Lieutenant of Rutten). Jonas De Roeckit's elevated. He is now launching a news platform, with earrings to enable him to communicate in real time with the sound, and see what other people can't see.

For Pär Zetterberghis role is ambiguous from the beginning. It was awakened in double-boulders of "club ADN" and "sympathy for the supporters", but it did not receive an official title. Worse, for a time, he was trading in the combo "main-training" against that "tribune-costume". We can only help view the effects of this small change, through the media, with Fred Rutten's coach. After public councils which Zetterberg had given permission to Verschaeren … But if it doesn't come to knowledge and for the supervision of young people, what does Zetterberg provide inside a club? trying to rebuild itself?

3. What is the value of winter mercato?

If the offer is Bolasie There is a unanimous agreement (the Congolese may be the most successful winter movement in recent years), the question appears about the future in the middle. Will Anderlecht be able to keep players with the "Premier League" wage levels? Not as sure …

KaraHe has been extracting from his essential direction and corporate influence from Nantes. But how fast is it moving and, occasionally, where it rises, rises.

For Zulj, it's still a mystery … The person who sees things that other people don't see is (the cloakroom on this nickname… Nostradamus or David Copperfield!) and the thing. Vanaken "does not attempt to prove its worth. If the man has a unique technique and good fun, he often puts out his legs … t

So a mixed table. But Anderlecht is stronger with the winter motion window of the main competitors. Fred Rutten has more options than Vanhaezebrouck, so the group should develop the group. But that's not how it is … t

4. How does the organization card connect?

More than ever, the structure of Anderlecht is a pyramidal.

The President, Marc Coucke, the final cut is every decision and … prevents all decisions, even over the range of theoretical activity. In an interview with Het Laatste Nieuws, Vanhaezebrouck said he had been surprised to see Coucke "Enter the room in the wardrobe during the Anderlecht-Ghent half-time to order players to be closer to their party.or, as a European trip, heard him enter the Musona and Bakkali ear.they got more time to play".

Also Marc Coucke applied to pay 8 million euros for Sanneh (story) ta big blow in the eyes of the supporters"), against advice a Luc Devroe… his dismissal took place a few weeks later.

Sub Coucke, Michael Verschueren he has the only recorder of “Anderlecht tradition” and to apply recording type (literally and figuratively) by the past. But the general manager finds out about the activity and, despite the apparent characteristics of a manager, still hasn't recorded his mark.

33 years after passing as a player. Frank Arnesen returned to the club as a technical director. Fundamentally for its address book and international networks. Difficult to judge one moving window, especially since there might be the best move to be one of the umbrellas (Bjarne Hansen, the Scout Manchester and PSV, that was the best one). T discover more talent as Eriksen or Rommedahl). But there is a rumor that the relationship between Arnesen and Coucke is no longer good …

5. What do fans think?

This season, Anderlecht fans seem to be utterly disappointed, and they have just rejected. Their club has a negative record (delete glory in the Belgian Cup and the Europa League), Play-Offs is connected with place (4th) and full of 26 points (26) in history. low.

The fans are also confused by the violent changes in their honorable place. Marc Coucke has changed everything, and especially quickly. Sometimes, despite the stated priorities (eg VIP places and stands, as well as restaurant areas, redevelopment in the summer!).

Vanden Stock's family are the smallest of those who have the best ever-changing aspirations in the club. A new scene. To a large extent: broken promises that Honorary President Roger Vanden should be named, at the same time as Europe's travel and, even in the honorable tribe where, from now on, Kiki Vanden Stock (wife). Roger) he has to pay a place. Events continued, one person suspected, badly affected by Roger Vanden Stock, who had not replied with the verb, but by sitting beside … Lucien Onofrio in the Antwerp- recently Anderlecht!

In addition to these symbolic measures (or non-degrees), the recent capital increase, for which Girls Vanden did not participate, has helped establish the family's impact in the club.

Finally, policy naming of the stadium (to be replaced by the trustee's name) lottoSoon, take away the name of Stock Constant Vanden from high Tribune 1. Falling the symbol, legacy and tradition that our purple supporters understand with a problem … t

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