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"It affects all other clients," said Sylvain, a national representative at the Health and Social Services Worker (APTS) Federation of Professional and Technical Representatives. "Currently, IRDPQ should have 13 patients on hospital beds."

"He has a domino effect," he says. These lines should be open to people who recover after working, for example. Clients will pay the hospital because two IRDDCs do not have to do so to get patients to patients; left stroke or header. "There is a fear of surgery that will turn off."

Less bed in the emergency room

The Quebec University Hospital Center (CHU de Québec), as the previous day's IRDPQ, clearly indicates that a doctor's shortage causes "problems". "It is inevitable to reduce the number of beds available to our users," said Lindsay Jacques-Dubé, External Communications Adviser. Patients who should go to the IRDPQ "provide beds for an emergency patient who can not upstairs".

We do not know how long the duration of the problem is, both health centers have agreed that IRDPQ staff are able to provide a remedial remedies for Enfant-Jésus, with the hope that it damages overseas patients.

Phone to Minister

Sylvain Sirois wants, then, the intervention of the Minister for Health, Danielle McCann. As with the CSN on Thursday, the APTS wants to restrain the recruitment regulations to allow three other doctors to quickly reclaim the Revival Institute.

The latest Enfant-Jésus hospital offers specialist medical care, says Sirois. It is a "expensive" structure and a place that is not suitable for the best restoration treatment, it says. "You do not have the right patients in the right place," he believes. "CHU de Québec has no solution."

The concerns of the union increased further with the statement made to hospital staff that IRDPQ doctors would not be disqualified for at least 10 months. "It's a long" temporary "!"

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