The Google Clock is compatible with YouTube Music, to wake up

After Spotify, YouTube's genuine music will be consistent with the Google Clock app. An idea to awake up to their favorite music.

What's more delicious than getting awakening to beat their favorite paths? YouTube Music Publishers, rejoice because the current service is now consistent with the Google Clock app, version 6.1. It is now possible to connect to your YouTube Music Account to Clock app and to; sailed through many songs. This allows you to explain an artist, record or playlist as a frightening. What do we complete our smallest morning. This feature is still reserved for key writers of the YouTube Music application.

Music YouTube was already waiting several months on the Google Clock app. Indeed, Google's streaming music service is reducing the competitiveness behind Spotify. The latter was consistent with the Clock application since August 2018. Google's comic strategy, which left one of its competitors to include this feature directly for almost six months.

An application for all YouTube music videos, but also YouTube recordings and audio versions.

3 reasons for downloading this application

  • All music from YouTube in one app
  • Suggestions for music
  • Listen to tracks and watch clips

Note when Google's YouTube YouTube strategy is unsure as this stage has been with Play Music for several months now.

Clock Application more and more

In the last few months, Google's new app has been preserved with new and practical features. Initially, reaching a dark topic, to evaluate the fear of the bed without burning the retina. We can also report the slightly revised interface at the end of 2018 and the special feature related to Pixel 3 that impacts on sunlight to go to # 39; avoid brutal awakening. But it is especially coherently with the most interesting day-to-day Google Support Rianines. The warning clock, for example, can turn the blades in your home, or even increase the temperature of heat.

At the first start, the Google Clock app is not very attractive. We found the four normal tasks of this type …

3 reasons for downloading this application

  • Simple and effective clock application
  • Stunning black interface
  • Bruach with your playlist and Spotify songs

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