The soprano woman's ultimatum so that he does not participate in Dance with the stars


This Saturday, the voice is back on IT1. It will be an opportunity to meet with Soprano, who, as a coach, will fight with Jennifer, Mika and Julien Clerc to attract talent.

The first singer of Marseille at The Voice Kids before he started the adult version of the tele-hook. The weekend was invited to the show We will do the television on RTL France to talk about his trip but also about his first one in "Voice" big "tapes".

The reporter also tells her about dancing with the stars, a & # 39; asks if he was interested. The rapper has already rejected a number of issues from the production: "I'm not a real dancer and I really like to make presentations where I can. sing, where we talk about music ".

Soprano has a game hidden. And the reason is that his wife gave him an ultimatum. In fact, she fears she's losing her, according to her, the stars "End all together" with their couples.

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