Ubisoft (-2.71% to 77.60 eòr) in the SBB 120 trumpet from today's day, competing at the Electronic Competition of the American American champion last night, warns him. It's not astonishment, when a & # 39; Stock market heavy after stock market: -17%. To explain the poor results, Electronic Electronic has questioned the intensity of the competition. Battlefield V commercial performance was also a disappointment. For LCM, this warning looks more closely related to the lowest level of games that & # 39; group than the regional environment.

The broker has confirmed the recommendation for Purchase and its target price of 107 euros on Ubisoft.

In the third quarter, it closed in late December, Electronic Electronics created a net benefit of $ 262 million, or 86 cents per department, compared to a $ 186 million loss, representing 60 cents per department, one year before. In data modified, the salary of each department is $ 1.93, one hundred lower than the agreement.

Income increased by 11.1% to $ 1.29 billion, with $ 908 million (+ 16.4%) for digital revenue. In revised data, revenue came to 1.6 billion dollars and the agreement was 1.75 billion dollars.

In the fiscal year of 2019, the US publisher of video games is now worse. It will focus on improved salaries of all $ 3.85 and income of $ 4.75 billion. The Strategic Art was lightning before $ 4.50 per department and $ 5.2 billion, respectively.

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