"We started the way to Engie who is growing" (Isabelle Kocher, Chief Executive)

As well as showing its results, the French power company has delivered a new 800 million saving program by 2021. This plan also has a & # 39; Provision for leaving Ingie from twenty countries and 6 billion cash spreads. What to "be well placed for growth," according to the head of the organization, Isabelle Kocher.


Published on Thursday, 2018, the creation of organic growth continues to be maintained, even though the nuclear athletes do not. going down in Belgium. Following the re-output of 2017 results to give reflection, Engie's recording in 2018 a Web profits that are constantly going back Group division of 2.5 billion, up 10.1% anniversary (+ 17.3% organic). A & # 39;EBITDA Its agency established 9.2 billion (+ 0.4% in large change, + 4.7% in organic terms).

700 million


The negative effects of nuclear power on the Engie accounts are 700 million euros.

For Judith Hartmann, financial director of Engie, a company "has been a more profitable business, grateful to its investments and its spending efforts ". However, the nuclear has played bad games to the world. "Our Ebitda nuclear power has had a huge impact on 700,000 million euros, but we have influenced this impact", describing Judith Hartmann.

Tihange nuclear site and its three reactors.

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"The Ebitda Benelux department has become significantly organic -134%", says Engie in his statement, saying that the poor performance of his Belgian market is largely"unregistered stadium (from a number of Belgian nuclear migrants), Continuing to a limited degree of opportunity in 2018 (52%), as well as lower pricesBenelux is the only market with organic growth in a negative Ebitda, from 600 million euros in 2017 to 200 million last year.

Green light to revitalize Doel 1

The Doel (433 MW) nuclear site Number 1 reactor can resume, according to the Nuclear Control Group. It was not available from the end of April 2018 after a loss found in the reactor's emergency circulation. It was returned to register the network first for last December.

These figures, however, are based on analysis expectations. The agreement for the web product is about 2.4 billion euros, 9.2 billion for Ebitda. Compared to that, the turned expecting 64.4 billion dollars in the market. Although up to 1.7% year on year, over 60 billion euros were sold by Engie's partnership. Engie also mentioned gains a 22% drop in € 1 billion last year, due to loss of loss.

Radical rewards

"Engie is a different organization since he was three years ago."

Isabelle Kocher

Head of Engie

Engie, who says he wants to be a world-wide leader in the carbon transition of carbon, wants leave twenty countries before 2021. Its aim: to focus on its investments on 20 countries and 30 cities, where he wants to be in the main page, announcing his & her; the statement. Engie did not give a full list of its priority countries, but called Western Europe, North America, Australia and Singapore, but also countries such as Romania, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Colombia. It also wants to increase its growth in Africa and southeast Asia, which focuses on a series of step areas. But he should stay in Belgium, where it is a leading player, even if the nuclear power stations have its problems focused on its 2018. It says that it is "stabilize nuclear activities in Belgium with a level that is a? get more ".

"Over the last three years, we have set the foundations for a more profitable business", says Chief Executive of Isabelle Kocher.We put the energy transition at the heart of our strategy, as we felt it would be faster. We are now well placed for growth. We have become one of the largest renewables in renewable energy", describing the energy expert's head, saying that his group was" building "A strong reputation for innovation, with actions that continue to emerge at the Engie scale, but without any doubt being very important in the future, such as cutting electric vehicles, micro-grids or hydrogen. "

In terms of business, so Engie is aiming for private companies and local communities, to contribute a priority on renewable energy and the "solutions for users". There is no sales of power for individuals to pay a lot: it will only go out where it is already active – this is true in the case. Belgium, where it is, far, the largest provider.

In addition, Engie will continue, but at a slower pace, as its resource moves: after almost 15 billion settlements in the last three years, it is still in progress; counted sold for 6 billion euros of property in the next three years. And over the same period, he identified 11 to 12 billion growth deposits. Engie also plans a 800 million euro saving program for the period 2019-2021, and Implementing the 1.3 billion implementation in 2016-2018.

In the markets, Engie has lost land division

after the launch of the company's results and its new strategic plan, leaving just over 3% in the middle of the session.

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