What are the three levels of couple's life?

Different levels, longer or longer, follow each other in a love story. Knowledge will help them to gain a better understanding of the changes associated with their relationships. Even they can make the decision, the questioning they achieve is healthy in the evolution of love.

The first step: it's natural nature

At the beginning of her history, the couple often live a moment of delightful love where the beloved one cares the day. At this stage, the two partners are one and forwarded other 'special' features. This is often the description of the relationship we see in films for example.

This overwhelming love comes to the foundation of the story of the couple by giving an affection of the union and perfection of the surviving man.

Step Two: Make a difference

After a suitable time for each couple, a few months or a few years of staying together overall, the partner's weaknesses, which we haven't seen, are making a problem, even moving.

This is the minute when day to day problems arise and we understand that the other is different and does not always tell the same views.

This vital step makes it possible to differentiate and make uncertain personal projects that make the couple grow. The love remained in him but he is no better now.

The third step: the rapprochement

Once the second stage is over, pain will come in to the couple. It is at this time that everyone is aware of the problems of true love and the importance of maintaining up to character to form that third party who is like their couple.

This is usually the time for growth and achievement following earlier trends.

To find out more: “The Shock in Love”, Francesco Alberoni, pocket magazines.

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