Yellow vests: 1st assemblies in BW


Walloon Brabant

A lawyer was arrested on Sunday at a peaceful rally in Nivelles.

Although the move has not yet moved to Walloon Brabant, collections of yellow leaves were organized, safely, through the weekend, in our department. Especially on the Wavre side where a number of people had said they wanted to collect, Friday night, in front of the house of Prime Minister Charles Michel. Movement rapidly circulated by police.

She was aware of the truth through social networks and had implemented a broad plan to avoid excessive rubbish. The five or eleven yellow mailpots were scattered quickly.

On Sunday afternoon, around fifty yellow copies around a shopping circle in Nivelles. Safely, they stopped traffic for about twenty minutes. "We were about fifty at a shopping circle with good atmosphere and laughter, with an understanding of drivers", says one of the organizers, on his Facebook page.

But then the ambitions were to be repeated again; join them. As a result of Feluy, they would have tried to poison things, especially by doing so; throwing firemen.

Then the leaders of the yellow Nivellois yellow match decided to close the camp. "After midnight, we had some problems with some people, giving trust to the organizers. We decided to build the device so that you had no problem with your police because we were not there for that. The police saw the people who were biting, but we made a good decision by doing it. stop the rally. We do not want any problem. "

Police authorities confirmed that a person was arrested for a & # 39; public public disturbance and that the motion was silent until then.

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