Belgrano: why did not Mauricio Cuero officially enter?


Mauritius Leather The ones that can change the appearance of the attack Belgrano. Here's what club directors have and their & # 39; coach and believer Diego Osella, he was watching.

Colombia's 25th anniversary has been in Córdoba since Wednesday, but has not yet been able to train with the official clothing or has not been imported by a & # 39; club.

The last season leather lasted Olympia, but its way from Santos Laguna from Mexico. Just Belgrano is just waiting for Leather to be named.

But the agreement is totally between the parties and Leather is waiting this Friday and joining his teams in fieldwork (trained in the sports hall Wednesday and Thursday).

Belgrano has already added the defendant Marcelo Herrera and one step away from employing two players with passports belonging to a Racing Club: a & # 39; steering wheel Marcelo Meli and the back row Juan Patiño.

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