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    Even on his best days, WWE can not be happy to everyone. But recently, it seems that WWE's accuracy seems to have a key objective of its & # 39; company.

    Most of the time, the criticism is a n; come from poor or unhappy registration, quizzing conclusions, amazing writing and bad rewards in general, but in 2018, this has become quite normal.

    After her impressive price; in Crown Jewel and to know how difficult the construction for the Survivor Series is so far, it is safe to say that this Sunday event is a Opposition of fans in a variety of ways, whether in real-time design or under-screening of the changes this week.

    Here are just some of the ways in which you and everyone else might be involved in the Survivor Series 2018.

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    Being a living person can only do someone's career, but history has shown that although these games can be a good tool for someone to spend, they can also creditors of valuers be protected.

    This card is at least 15 separated, and when WWE has much of the same thing; At one point, it is inevitable that they will find ways to spin their eyes.

    One of the strategies that are going on for WWE for past Survivor Series events has been to go to # 39; Audiences are amazed by bringing a great name and its valuation valuers; Letting them suffer to be unreasonably punishable quickly.

    The shock is shocked, these minds are valuable. To a large extent immediately, the wow factor will divide and Keep wild when they understand how weak the special distance is & # 39; look after that fall.

    There is nothing to do with a similar team dress with The Colons to make a pinned quickly, but if there is a star that's a star; Would you like Finn Balor to find out if you do not? putting up a lot of fighting, her fans are very wild and she was damaged.

    This type of recording can cause a massive damage to the world and for anything, as they give a reputation for an eye-catching eye.

    As much as it happens, more fans will be able to; Feeling they are not admitted to them, what are the best of their motto that is falling into competitive games.

    WWE can not come to this as an awesome movie with jumping. This does not go out from telling poor stories to broadcast people to & # 39; Feeling how they saw something good just because they had declined several times.

    These exhibitions are not pleasing if they come at a cost of seeing their favorite mates who; Look like the fool and the overall quality of games that drop down the drain.

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    Musicians have been trying to try to. see this game for years, but with Daniel Bryan as the babyface shell squeezes her & # 39; unusual beast that can not be done.

    Now they are both channels, fans have everything right to feel unhappy that a story does not; happening.

    It's even tough if you're trying to follow and play kayfabe, as there is no one to do a game with two poor people.

    Technically, you can always welcome anyone you want, but for WWE to go to; Bryan painted because the comforter person is constrained to turn it into a man by noticing for one night. That will let inspectors like yourself; Screw their heads very much from every place often.

    We're not all about Bryo boo, and we do not want WWE to give the SmackDown incident for one night and then try to go back to it through the following SmackDown.

    Then, a quality query is a # 39; game itself.

    Lesnar is formal and so. There are short games that have a choice or a mandate from WWE, which includes German flexibilities and F-5.

    If so, after this time wait for her & # 39; This game, the last thing we can give is what we can see from Lesnar always, fans have all the right to be wild.

    That does not address how Lesnar could be hard to do with her; throwing and scratching with his bins; Bryan expresses harm. God impedes Bryan to suffer another wound and this is the way it's going out well.

    AJ Styles could be challenged and fans would be worried about & # 39; Getting a close finish, or they could be sorry to have climbed Survivor Series completely.

    Bryan could do to Lesnar out and to. worrying the people that feel like that; let Lesnar be lost with someone less than it.

    This may be an autumn fan, a white who is sick and tired of seeing a WWE copper with a # 39; draw.

    The only way that this would be like to do is the same way; Most fans if Bryan had entered into a band, would have been a good game against Lesnar and win, but there is no way that these three things are & # 39; happening.

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    At this time, Becky Lynch can not reduce, and his medical disqualification is out of WWE's hands. This is not the writing team team. It's just bad luck and bad situation.

    Fires are still wild about that, however, and the game between Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair may suffer from people who sing "we want Becky" across the whole thing- out of & # 39; case.

    In fact, if his original game had fallen down and Rousey Lynch hit, those Lick Kicker supporters would have been sorry about that, so this may not have happened to you -healthless.

    Some fans may be worried that the Rousey and Flair game can be It happened not to build, too, since this was moved at the last minute. In addition, the Women's Raw Championship is not on the line, and if you hoped to see that Flair was responsible for removing Rousey, you do not get your way here.

    If WWE is heavy and especially trying to block people, they can select their red screen shooting between Flair and Lynch, and # 39; keep their progress forward and move forward; take two steps back to continue.

    It's a confidential decision last year because Lynch would have a "#; Flair spends the game after him and sees fans through him as a poor attempt to try to do Lynch once more.

    There's no promo about it i Rincey, who is not Flair, needs to be the one who was to go to # 39; hitting, making up for a & # 39; worried about going back to the well and against WWE's earthquakes aspirations, who just want Lynch.

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    Although WWE is planned from the outset or simply has not been a person's pickup yet, SmackDown's female team wants a ball, which is a double sword.

    It is the confirmation of that final point that has not been explained that people; begin to expect what it is, and & # 39; Think about options and want to get in to find out what's going on.

    The decrease, however, is more that allows fans to increase their expectations, increase the risk that you enter into and disrupt them.

    Someone out there hopes to return from AJ Lee or legends such as Trish Stratus. Others take a flaw of the Raw star as an Ember jump to SmackDown, or not where Nikki Cross is going to play; consolidate its main timetables and graduates from NXT.

    Whether the Bianca Belair, Michelle McCool, Paige or who are happy with those supporters, they are Think about how hard they are if they have all that; Going to anything and after doing something good, they'll Find out that it's just Lana or one of The IIconics.

    Mandy Rose's most likely result is to get that place, and if that happens, fans will be able to get it. Feeling that WWE did not just get ahead of us or try to keep his story from the previous week.

    This does not disturb people so big to appear on The Gobbledy Gooker, but WWE can not give confidentiality to fans and do something common and do not expect people to be sad.

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    The game between Seth Rollins and Shinsuke Nakamura does not definitely go down to Dean Ambrose.

    WWE recognizes that it is something of a dream situation; in the game and that they could both do so, Leave them to their own tools, combine an amazing show, so they play with that for their & # 39; most of the section.

    Then, at the end of everything, the Lunar Change will bannen something that allows Nakamura to get free and in. hit Rollins.

    Some followers are expressed about this because they continue the story and they went to the story. to climb for her youth. To play their part in the spectators, they would have been heard by Ambrose for scratching and scratching. overshadowing his former friend.

    Others will simply disturb her & # 39; The idea that this could not be a complete finish and that it was not the way to play more on Rollins vs. Ambrose is preparing for TLC, because they feel that they were the ones who complained of a real winner.

    Even some fans on Nakamura who are unhappy that it has been looked too hard for the months and has not yet been able to influence with the help of someone else and a banner-shaped approach or a free -up roll.

    That is, indeed, if Rollins just did not get WWE and then attacked Ambrose afterwards. In this situation, the Nakamura fans will ask why they are not; The United States's weight can at least benefit poorly through non-scrupulous ways.

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    When Shane McMahon won a Crown Jewel World Cup competition, he did not go well. Instead of watching how the young man saved the day, he was stolen on the next program of SmackDown.

    WWE must know if there is something similar to it at Survivor Series, the boos will be even higher.

    If a team that includes Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, The Miz and Rey Mysterio can not do the job, but McMahon is the only one who lives and wins the game for his & # 39; blue flag, he will add fans among them, who claim that another example of McMahon's family is to start themselves first when they spend the roster.

    Even if this is to set a salmon turnover, there are reasons for yourself to do; disturb people.

    SmackDown has too many sheets, and the idea of ​​the authority's sea number is not only Raw but it's very tough in general.

    By going through a healing game only just to get people to go to McMahon to change the same area we always see on Monday night he does not; Let's welcome people, it's just frightening that this story is going on for the last few months or longer.

    WWE has been experiencing people's worries too recently and should have been in a hurry. Looking for this to do a fun night, rather than trying to test and water the waters; worrying people more. It's time for healing, not fans of anger to be closer to that line that does not want to look more.

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