Beloved Boudou: "We do not forgive the loyalty of your thoughts and to the people"


After being discharged for convictions in the Ciccone case, a former president was on his / her behalf; Nation Loved Boudou Quest for Probation for "double rod"In the sentences against previous officers and said that he is likely to have a Kirchner conviction because"they do not forgive us the loyalty of your thoughts and people"

Describing the reasons for his arrest, Boudou put a political mission to prison prisoners on the old government leaders. with the "abuse" of the figure of suspension reserve.

"Abuse of prior retention (with the argument) that a former officer might be" cause concern "or develop an investigation, said e. Instead, he compared the situation and criminal complaints faced by Cambiemos's current members: "Imagine what a minister or President and his friends would do today"

From his vision, "it is clear that there is a double rod"That explains why" there is no longer a Justice system ".

"Everything done by Kirchner is wrong and you have to punish it, and what else, you must see. For example, there are reasons for the Carlos Menem government that have not yet been resolved and no one has been imprisoned. The same court that I also condemned, Menem and his officials reinforced and he never ordered the arrest, "he said.

"Four years ago everything that can not happen according to the lawyers is coming to an end," he said this Saturday in contact with Radio 10. "It never happened in Argentina's democracy, and it was obvious that day The President tried to place judges to the High Court of Justice"he finished.

"It would be a scanner anywhere in the world to do what this Government is doing with its critical power. They will send and give judges, and they say the sentences that are; to take away ", fustigó.

The old vice president He left Ezeiza's jail this week after being discharged with the Federal Federal Court of 4 within the Government framework Ciccone Calcográfica, who was sentenced to five years and imprisoned 10 months for "bribery" crimes and "conversations that opposed his / her public".

At that time in prison, the former Minister of Economics stated that the people who had been in attendance were in prison. stay in prison "Be your family"and the aim is to prevent that life behind the" bars "as a girl. "

"It is not time to move the hands larger with the big wheelchairs, including the movement made in a truck, attached to the floor, "he said when asked about the most difficult situations he had held.

Eventually, Boudou made protection from Kirchner leaders and former officers who, as he himself, ended in prison for complaints about corruption issues.

"The person who is guilty is forgiven if there is any forgiveness or is there standing by side, broken, pass to quotas & # 39 ;. But those who continue to & # 39; protect what we are thinking and We have our loyalty for the views and the people … that do not have all forgiveness"Boudou said:" One could be wrong or made mistakes, it was not a crime, "he said.

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