Belqees includes her new songs "Show me a solution"


Belqees includes her new songs
Belqees includes her new songs "Show me a solution"

Balqees includes her new "Show Me Solution" songs … Video The Charter, a & # 39; Nour describes, we show you Balqees, her new song "Show me a solution" … Video, Balqees has a & # 39; bringing her new songs "Shouf Li Sol" With the most prominent news, Balqees has been giving her new "Show Me a Solution" songs … Video.

The artist Yemeni Balqees built her new "Show Me a Solution" song from Ahmed Al-Jubouri's words and written by Ali Saber through YouTube.

Balbais said: "Habaybi, I hope you enjoy the song we work with love and enjoyment, we were really laughing and singing very much and we had a lot of neck in the studio you were happy. "

He is aware that Bilqis has stated that the song "said things" was launched, which sooner they were expecting to release.

Last song is the last song in October's song, entitled "the need for Psychology", which was built in a video clip, as well as the song "Ahla Mama", which was given in in conjunction with her baby's future, "Turki"


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