Belt is a China Road, Maldives plans to break Taiwanese daily


Soli (south) and Modi (left).

The new president of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, sworn on the 17th century. He criticized his investment infrastructure; former age for China's debt, which caused the breach of the Maldives. State finance was in a bad problem and requested from India and the United States. Help.

According to a broad report in the foreign media, Soli said on the 17th when he was sworn, formerly the former police officers were contaminated, and the state finance was lost billions of Lufiya (national money Maldives ). He also criticized "Belt and Road" to Maldives after a break. "When I became a president, the financial situation of the state of the state (ancient kings) was for political reasons, and as a result of the construction of the paintings it was a serious harmony."

At the election, Soli said he would get a friendly relationship to the nearby Indians. Yesterday, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, was asked to look at the service. Modi said India is ready to help Maldives identify the economic problems.

Soli also said that the government administration team this week that it will evaluate the issues submitted by the Yamen government, many of which are listed by Chinese occupation enterprises. The team that once moved to Soli said that there would be a debt of 1.5 billion dollars from US to China in China (about US $ 46.158 billion), but there was concern that the sum to be higher.

The report said that the extent to which Maldives lost due to China's investment, even though the shipowner was deemed to be a debt of 1.5 billion US dollars, the amount exceeds 1/4 of Maldoff GDP. Free 1117 free

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