Ben Vu Gia enough water for Da Nang


On November 20, the Da Nang Committee's office said that the village was just asked by the Quang Nam People Committee for the temporary dam on the top of the Quang Hue lady to reduce the flow of water to the Hue river, expand the water to Vu Tha Gia a & # 39; problem solving salinity, water shortage in the & # 39; The lower part of the River Vu Gia, particularly in the Da Nang Factory (Da Da Nang), is very wild.

Low water rates

On the same day, the reporter investigated the River Hue, over two Dai An and Dai Cuong companies (Dai Loc area, Quang Nam division). It is in the water stream but the water level in the river flowing through the Quang Hue bridge is just under 1 m.

Mr Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, a cooperative officer of Dai An, confirmed that 30% of the area (about 12 ha) of vegetables here is unknown to water equipment due to very low river water. Last year, the water level in this area was always over 3-4 m. Each year, this area is only in June, July and August a hare of water. Now, the water shortage lasts for 3 months, which disturb people.

Beinn an Vu Gia walk to get enough water for Da Nang - Picture 1.

A representative of the Water Resources Regulation Department is a fact-checking at the Da Nang Factory (Baile Da Nang), November 15 Photograph: Bich Van

An agricultural worker from the Dai Loc area said that David Quang Hue was damaged four years or five years, but then he was convicted and cleared after he had taken his sword.

At the top of the lady of Quang Hue (Dai An commune), overlooking the Vu Gia – Hue River, the water level is below 50 cm. Nguyen Thi Phuc, who lives in Dai Comun, said that the river should walk across the dam to the river. other shoreline. Numerous aluvial edges that screw the birds' feet. Every year, this month is the water from stream that flows.

Dam to stop salinity

On November 15, the Water Resources Regulation (MONRE) Department worked with Da Nang (DAWACO) Water Supply Company, representatives of water reservoirs in Vu Gia and in Bon Thu (Quang Nam province baskets and groups – linked to the lack of clean water in Da Nang.

Mr Chau Tran Vinh, Deputy General Director of Water Resources Department, said that reservoirs of water in the rivers Vu Gia and Thu Bon, Quang Nam Irrigation and the Water Limited Limited Limited and DAWACO should work closely. , periodic information to ensure water is used economically and effectively.

Causes of water shortages in Da Nang over the past, Huynh Van Thang, water resource management expert and Vu Gia and river basin Thu, said the reason for the lack of water from the stream to the stream the dam. The Trach. According to Mr Thang, The Trach Reservoir is still plentiful, water level monitoring data (delivered by Danang Water Exploitation Company Limited) is always over 1.6 m. Water is going to be to boil salt. When the blue is closed, Trach water is always over 1.8 m.

According to Hu Huong, General Director of DAWACO, when Cau Do River's water is overcrowded over 1,000 mg / l, there is a raw water supply for two Cau Do and Cau Do plants according to the salt pumping station in An Trach. Next, the Tube pumppipe line was built in 2007 and was superseded with a capacity of 210,000 m3 / day, as long as there was water capacity and the water supply capacity, Demand for water used by humans Up to 280,000 m3 / day, resulting in a lack of clean water.

Mr Huong confirmed that the amount of clean water made at Cau Do's water station and the airport is about 310,000 m3 / day, while there is a daily demand to & # 39; city ​​is approximately 260,000 m3.

According to Danang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, to ensure future water supply to the town, the unit will advise the town in writing to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment to change the process Using lochs water-water disks at Vu Gia shops and in a water outlet (alternation) runs between water waters, and ensure a continuous stream on the Vu Gia river. In the coming days, it is possible to build a temporary dam with sandbanks at the mouth of the Quang Hue River to stop the River Vu Gia from flowing into the Bon Thu River.

Mr Ho Huong said that the water would flow to the Chretaceous Red; Increase with more than 50 cm if the parties agree on the temporary dam at the top of the Quang Hue lady. "We want to regenerate the damaged old dam but not be filled to avoid a water shortage in the Quang Hue area," said Huong.

Raise the Quang Hue lady

Together with the proposal for the damaged dams on the damages of the dam of Quang Hue's dam, Da Nang City also asked the Quang population committee to share departments, groups and professional agencies of this department to coordinate departments, Danang professional research and comprehensive assessment of the Quang area Hue River and construction of the revision. Based on that, both areas will develop steps to control the height of the River Quang Hue and increase to increase the level of water down the river of the River Vu Gia. The solutions above will restore the natural state, and # 39; providing salt water, water supply for everyday life, agriculture and the socio-economic development of Quang Nam and Da Nang.



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