Bencinas will continue to & # 39; get a bad loss and August's prices are equal to them


The National Petroleum Company (ENAP) announced Wednesday the prices to register fuel as this Thursday. Again, good news: all the removable values ​​that give Mepco thank you; Once again the weight increase in the price of the dollar.

According to a state company, from 6 December, the gasoline liter 93 seconds to go down -5.8 pesos, reaching 754.7 pesos mar iomradh, a & # 39; marks his seventh continuous loss, very close to returning to the prices he ran up in mid August, before the time was extended.

On that way, the 97 octans It also records the sixth ticket (from -5.8 pesos), reaching 775.5 pesos per liter.

An diesel, on the other hand, it reaches 576.3 pesos per liter, which means -5.8 pesos less than the previous week.

In the same line, the kerosene including dry dry -26.6 pesos, reaching 518.8 pesos per liter.

In the meantime, the loose gas (LPG) at 220.5 pesos per liter, as it will be a new low registration -10.6 pesos regarding the previous week.


Under this situation, the 93-octane benzene will record seven weeks down, with a drop of 40 pesos to collect in that time, after the increase in the amount that rose to 50.3 pesos in 10 weeks.

At the same time, the gasoline of 97 octares is a sixth-term collection, and which is a constant. already gathered Falling of -33.2 round pesos after the huge increase of 43.4 pesos, lasting for nine weeks.

These prices will take place between Thursday 6 and Wednesday 12 December.

The prices correspond to the ENAP search values, which are & # 39; seeks to provide relevant information for their fuel market, as opposed to what is said by its & quot; National Power Commission in the Fuel Price Information System online.

In fact, its company says that it can not be considered as a document that; Defines values ​​to the user in Chile, because these are completely free, as a shiny market is marked by openness, competitiveness and devolution.

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