Benedejčič: And he is a very experienced team; in Slovenia – Novica


Slovak Tagist Igor Benedejčič yesterday he decided to shorten the mountain of his chosen species in Slovenian, and finished by dragging Norway and Bulgaria. Benedejčič can not be at & # 39; Counting an entire series of football players in these two games, and as a result, he worked well after his game in Sofia He spoke in detail about the current lack of knowledge in the Dutch language.

"We're sorry for the experience of the national team. This time we were asked to enter a new one, as we left players after their match against Norway . " Today, Rudi Požeg Vancaš was a supervisor, Jaca Bijol, aged 19, and we played against Bulgarian which was good and not easy. I know we want to be better, but at this time,
"said Ankarančan, who spoke indirectly on the issue of production burner Jana Oblaka there Kevin KamplaSouth Westerly

"We're all the results, but at this time this is difficult. If we have Jana Oblaka, Kevin Kampl and some of the leading players in their clubs, it will be easier and also the players Currently, they are better but they are not currently. If Slovenia wants to have the best of these certificates in the qualifications, they must be there. On the right Other, we are very young and familiar, "
he said Benedejčič, who is aware of the defeat of the United Nations league for all Slavia with a complete failure.

"We have to start working today to the next time, for better Tomorrow's football, I will repeat it again that it is not difficult for us to happen." The qualifications are ahead of us. Perhaps with a new candidate and a new election, " he said BenedejčičSouth Westerly

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