Benedejčič is the previous name, its name will be & # 39; New Sofa coach named faster than you thought!


The Slovene football team came to an end on the League of Nations on Monday, and this is also the last game of the Igor Benedejčič temporary coach. This "Real" coach will take Tomaž Kavčič before the next week, before the selection of appropriate European Championships will take place in the 2020 European Championship, held on 2 December in Dublin.

Slovenia has won the final place in the Premier League of Nations in league C and Group 3 in the Norwegian competition, which went on to league B, Bulgaria and Cyprus, and in the next issue of this competition League D.

The first four games were under the leadership of Kavčič and they lost three times and when they were re-evaluated, but then in the last two games Benedejčič definitely played Norwegian and last night with Bulgaria. All three points were significantly smaller than they wanted in the Slovene camp and the amount was measured ie the increase in the league was higher.

"We all know that we are expecting more in the League of Nations. It was not planned, but we must all start today for better tomorrow on Solo football. I'm doing it again, there's nothing about the abolition of the league D. We have European certificates for a competition, and perhaps with a new candidate, a new selection, we wants to have been very successful in here, " after the end of the short term, Benedejčič said.

Slovakia has faced many difficulties that faced this competition, from its quality. game to erase the injury and the players. Finally, but not only in the last game, almost half a penalty was lost, his & her; largely due to losing Kevin Kampl as a result of the finalization of the production process, and Jan Oblak agreed after he had taken a disagreement about the # 39; Distributing the captain failure to the Japan Football League, not playing for the series that was chosen in the autumn.

"I think it is the lack of knowledge of a producer that we can not compare between those generations by generating gold or diamond, but we can not, but we would like such a We have all the results, all of us work for it, at this time it is very difficult, if we want better results, we have Kampl, Oblak, who have some knowledge that a & They would manage their clubs, and they would be better off than other young people, but they are not mentioned at this time. If Slovenia wants to be suitable for the end of the game, if all her players, but if not, we need to be aware that we have a very young team who needs patience, " Benedejčič is a believer.

The way in which the election will look in spring when they start on the places on EP 2020 will be determined by the new applicant. This is still their first favorite for this place, Matjaž Kek, who has brought Sloinnia to the big competition, that is the 2010 World Cup.

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