Benedejčič was published: I'm listening to the POBAL television! It was hit with the follow-up of the TEXT!


The optional temporary candidate was to talk about how young & Today's people are different.

"The times have changed. Players are now most in the rooms and play games," he told Dnevnik in an interview with what the team is doing. done on a game day. "We put them on board and table tennis to move from the rooms and begin to compete with each other," said Benedejčič, how to change friendship and change the interests, and There was an exciting special case about those younger players that they will run in a youth center.

"In the national team for up to 17 years, I built the players' phones," he identifies, telling how fragile & # 39; as it was after the next meeting. "After the game we lost, they asked me when they got back, which affected me," he told Dnevnik, so he gave him a lot of thought. Working with young people today is quite different and different from years ago.

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