Benfica officially mentions the rumors that were connected Florentino by PSG.


After the sports director Antero Henrique was denied related to the route Florentino (19 years old) after the article Parisian (here), his club, Benfica, was looking to refuse the information table. The Portuguese newspaper says the Lisbon club president has served to Doha to negotiate. What's up. Any discussion between PSG and Benfica.

Benfica press release

It is wrong that Luís Filip Vieira went to Qatar this week, this year, this year.. It's totally wrong that Luís Filipe Vieira left the country this week.

How we end at the end of the competition, and Benfica still ahead, this new album "new" and their "new" director are doing the best to create stability in the club t .

We do not know the interests involved His organized trip to negotiate for the young Florentino . But one thing is certain: Benfica is today a size club, an unbelievable health a few years ago, with a significant connected mass and project-based training and development that has been developed at the Scottish Storytelling Center. Caixa football recognized by everyone.

And because it is Benfica today, t the information will not put wrong on Table down Benfica on his way and to his success. Finally, we will tell you no negotiation is done because of this, it all focuses on the various sporting achievements which have been achieved.

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