Bennett Rogli would like to help Touro


Bennett Rogli would like to help Touro.

Bennett Rogli would like to help Touro. (Picture: dpa)

"I know that it is difficult for the team's management to determine where a race can be done, but if they asked me, every three of them would go to visit The team would be stronger, and there would be greater success opportunities. We saw what Primož and Steven did this year, if I was right, they would be even stronger. Three captains can not only benefit, "said Bennett, saying," With Steven, we worked on Vuelta. We started in a similar situation when I lost the opportunity for high quality, I turned to the helper. Even with Primož like some races, why not try the three. "

"Primož is a good rider, he also has a good character. He is calm, calm, I always have a good feeling. This is also obvious in his cycling style. I can see my attraction in our team, "Bennett said enthusiastically in a talk about over the Slovenian warrior and the atmosphere in the team.

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