Bensu Soral: I'm not sorry



There was a pair of Bensu Soral and Hakan Baş who were shining with her star in the series; Meet his friends at a place in Bebek.

"I've just started saving money"

Bensu Soral, who now lives on the enjoyment of the film's work on Organization 2, which is a day for vision, saying that he was a spiritual man. there. Bensu Soral, 27-year-old, "I just started to make money, but I did not make any investments" he said.


Follow Bensu Soral on: "I'm not sorry, I'm active. I spent money in secret, I'll collect it in the bank, it will be necessary in the future."

Bensu Soral and his wife, Hakan Baş, went to the world house in September in Istanbul-Besiktas. After the wedding, he likes to & # 39; The Bahamas couple for mineral mining.

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