Bentley shows her best-known car: the Continental GT Convertible


Bentley has shown a great deal of Continental GT Convertible – a third tourer of a great generation that offers a mix of confusion, confidentiality and confidentiality of an independent non – disturbing distance.

Taken from the best hand-held materials, the new, sleek, very interesting model with its special Z-fold roof, consistent technology in a car, excellent features and distance quickly 0-100km / h in just 3.8 seconds.

As a result of traveling on the top of an elegant open, the Convertible GT is a Capturing the object of a flexible, flexible mint banner designed with a new screenshot with a chrome device, a rescue wheel and face sets, and a set of seats for removing comfortable driving experience in any environment .

Excellent design meets as well as great power. Bentley W12 6-liter 6-liter is compatible with two-speed transmission to stimulate amazing performance with a maximum speed of 333km / h. The slide sport image is longer and lower than the previous ones, however, its power lines Continued significantly, which flows back to the angles of the rectangular tunnels.

Lavish features include crystalline-like substitutes that take light as a diamond, coherent comparison Koa or Dark Fiddleback Eucalyptus, a quick timber steering wheel option, a pillow; Excavation on swindles and control to make softer sets, a suitable 20-way seat with heating and massage activities, as well as the option of finishing hand-crocheted.

Technological advances are displayed throughout the version with a standard 10-speech sound system (you can select a 16 or 18-lecturer system), a better address with real-time traffic information, in to & # 39; The first BeoSonic system has a new new approach to a single-touch user interface tone.

There is no screen in the middle of your handheld until the engine is in. let's go out, and the middle clothes move quietly, exhibits a 12.3-inch HD digital display with three largest touchscreen windows in Bentley.

Partnership is enhanced by two technology choice packs: City Specification or Tour Specification.

There is a free handicap opening, pedestrian warning, signal of traffic signal, high-speed camera and home trout systems in the Home Designation; allow for long-term urban touring and adequate flight management, traffic help, up-to-date, night vision, infrared camera and fencing the Trip Specification to maximize knowledge Users for long distance travel.

The Bentley Continental GT Convertible offers a more light, more detailed way with a pro-48-prescriptive advanced management system for unparalleled handling. This will ensure the highest tight connection is to deliver performance achievement.

Electricity Guidelines have a sense of concern for unnecessary roads while & # 39; The most recent control of Continuing Control is always Ongoing. fixing curved features by measuring distance and distance between the special wheels and its; body at each corner – they all add to slower driving.

Safety has been made better through the most powerful bent system with Bentley – armed with 28 pistons – for stylish stops.

Whether you've been using Bentley's Comfort for your best experience or if you want to feel the wind through your hair in the Sports mode for a brilliant, the Continental GT Convertible is sure to breathe.

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