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The old team of Dimitar Berbatov in Tottenham – Mido gave an interesting interview to talkSPORT, where he spoke about the class of Bulgarian opponents. The Egyptians said it was a real disappointment in the spurs, White Hart Lane, Berbatov's first day, and in particular to the team manager then, Martin Jol.

So Berbatov did two amazing spurs for "spurs", where he put 46 goals in 102 games and won the League Cup.

Eventually, he moved to Manchester United personally after seeking Sir Alex Fergusson, and then paid 30 million pounds for the Bulgarian.

"I remember Tottenham had drawn Berbatov in the summer, but in the first three games of the season, he was the weakest on his park . Then Martin Jol Manager gave me and said, "Mido, I made a big mistake. Come to Tottenham and do what you want. It's not this boy I bought (Berbatov) than I was; expectations. I need you, "said Mido.

"So I came back in January and two days later I played against Manchester United at Old Trafford, and Berba's place, who stayed on her daughter. , he had a while, but Jol thought he would never change England. When I returned to Tottenham, Berbatov started playing as Cruyff! It was amazing. He turned into a fully-played player different, "recites Mido.

"Because I had to be honest, it was very difficult for me. I wanted to do the best, and fight every day to get back to the team, but It was not easy, because Berbatov was extremely amazing. Only his other button and the way in which he could finish the attack, "continued, praised Berbatov.

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