Berlinale: for Christian Belt, a better character in Cheney na Trump


The British actor, Christian Bale, "Golden Golden" for "Vice", said Monday that President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, is a "shadow" playing in the movie, his character is much better than Donald Trump.

Dick Cheney "has been a major player in the last few years in the United States and in global political situations," said Christian Balidh, who was nominated for the Oscar for best performer for this post, talk of entering Berlinale, where Adam Mackay will be given "Off" from his competition.

"Although it has been steered at this time, it is completely different from Trump, in the way Cheney was a bad player and was not happy at all, but Trump is the only He still loves it, "he said. "Cheney realized the power of the tower, you can not say that about Trump, he likes to know that the full power is in the screen and work in this way."

Dick Cheney's humorous picture, a half-way between gratitude and sadness burlesque, "Vice", a competition in eight divisions for the Oscars, and go back and forth between the power man in the White House, which uses the choice of alcohol and how the crucial American-American neoconservatives have taken, and the infirmed and brutal from Wyoming, convicted of Yale University.

"In the real decisions of its choices, of power, etc., it's a lot more powerful and terrifying than any other character I've ever thought to play, any other amazing character," said Christian Ballet , with the convicted criterion.

"It is essential to know that you have a relaxation (the character) for at least three months," said the actor, noting inside the episodes of the movie that gave more than 20 kilograms to play Dick Cheney.

Director Adam Mackay noted that he was also mental to have a & # 39; Dick Cheney shows Donald Trump. "I do not feel confident with a picture of Trump," he said.

"It's more likely as a result of fifty years of a particular policy that followed Reagan's Revolution and Republican Revolution in the United States," he said. "What I brought to the Dick Cheney story is that it's right in the middle of everything."

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