Bernardo Bertolucci, a filmmate difficult and tough


Bertolucci by Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider in filming Ultimo tango in Paris (1972)

Bernardo Bertolucci

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who died today, at the age of 77, was a home in Rome – he had been sick for a while. His cinema in the 21st century was scarce: two shares in general films and just two films. And the whole thing does not have to be done only with two films with him as the only director in the beliefs said. His cinema was prominent in terms of the author, and the most interesting: filmed and also a cinema named, with certification and conviction. Sometimes, that conviction could oppose his own cinema, as happened to the ocher and almost oily cleansing
Little Buddha, and also with most of the 60s cleaning in the & # 39; a proactive and vocational newspaper called
The dream. But the cinema was always something else, or something else, because the only one of unjustity was among the most important features. His intimate personality, his statements –
some recent and incredible, with the way; many others, most of them in the 20th century, with a high degree of accuracy, information and vision-, as well as their cinematographic function and flexibility made it one of the leading filmmakers In the last four decades of the century we left behind almost twenty years. So it was the main work of the world. , so the first mail password was
BB Luca Prodan asked her to sing if "Would you like the new Bertolucci?"

Until yesterday, Bertolucci was in the world but the world was not moved and finished in context to its cinema. The 21st century did not make film makers such as BB, and BB was almost in the current era. But the previous films left lasting marks, some even bad,
As mentioned about the health and role of Maria Schneider, a leading user
The last tango in Paris;
film as a volcanic and opposing each other that we are scared to see it again and that it's been on a # 39; It is a long time, and we are scared to still reach the depressed nerves with the conviction (which expresses that Jean Cocteau) is a time (or much) skin.

The last tango in Paris tied to many other things,
How is the state of censorship in many parts of the world: in many countries, it has held a lawsuit, a ban and a lawsuit resolution, as well as the public, on the internet interesting analysis and the difference that was drawn. And he also promoted a comic competition between two Argentine musicians for the sound of sound: they were the candidates for Astor Piazzolla and Gato Barbieri, and won the rosarino saxophonist prose.

By the death of Bertolucci feeling one of the most prominent. It's even bigger: one of the single people, where there is no room for "artists like". The time is to mention the most successful film in terms of global travel and awards,
The last emperor, who won nine Oscars, including those that have so far the only one given to an Italian leader in the management department. The film was just a bit of giganticism – but it was not as big as the biggest films that had been; think – for example the idea of ​​a cinematic scene in the hall for a local campaign against VHS regulation. Then, when the nobles reached a ladder and brushes and converted a large canvas (for example, the Gaumont cinema) to a small television, the pictures drawn from this famous film by Bernardo Bertolucci. But that's not the best film, and the other one already named by the word "last" may not be the title.

The best Bertolucci needs to be sought in other areas, as in the previous cinema. After he began in the sixty years with a slight impact on Pier Paolo Pasolini (who loved him and he learned to work with him, although BB always said that he had been able to do so, 39; he will learn a lot of it
Their diligence of John Ford and a classical American cinema in general, and the creation of films in French Cinematheque), in 1970, Bertolucci will have a " help set up the best ten years in the history of the cinema and her; One of the most dramatic films in the history of the exhibition is not a hyperbole.
The keeper it is one of the many time films to revitalize all the hopes of cinematographic art, a person who could listen and feed, that he would not be the cinema to & # 39; going forever.

In the top to be & # 39; Writing a death, one of the best reviews of this type of work is about reviewing different problems (physiology, accommodation, violence) and directing, and they are surprised – again – by these imagery, those motions, that statement and much more. The photo is a picture of Vittorio Storaro, the music of Georges Delerue and the collection of Franco Arcalli. Just review these three races to understand what levels, colors and camera movements and other wonders we speak. A star star; in Jean-Louis Trintignant and Dominique Sanda, both of The Conformist
The last tango in Paris, but no other story.

The Italian film maker died today, at 77
The Italian film maker died today, at 77 Source: Archive

The big political film of Bertolucci
Novecento, one of these amazing works (more than five times long) that could count on a vote, excellence, crime, desire, philosophy, historical vision, history with letters of country itself. The most complicated story to tell; and put everything in that way away from any inability and any uncompromising of "less and more" and rising above everything, and including the blackness and the opportunities that everything is done; becoming unhappy, and using some of the bigger items more powerful (and this is enough to say) they knew how to offer them

Robert De Niro


Gérard Depardieu

Novecento One of the films today is that we can think of being as impressive and as close to the impossible or left of the "series" form mercy (Bertolucci of the 21st century, on the road, greatly valued
Bad Break).

There is another strange area of ​​Bertolucci's work, which is in fact. mentions and remembers such
The last emperor and
The last tango in Paris so that they are films that are seen at this stage as they are very fast, although some have made a small crack at the time. That area is the lovely movie, cuartet movie; there
Moon (Some of her keys were not as simple as psychoanalysis and incest) as a starting point, and that's going on with one of the most unstable stories, almost as impressive:
Shelter for lovebased on
The wild sphere by Paul Bowles. Then it becomes unbalanced that has not been released in theater in Argentina
A woman stole and a few years later, the director's closure of the 20th century,
Captives of love, The
It was honored and hosted a movie, & # 39; Perhaps too much, perhaps with many people I have not seen
Moon child
Shelter for love, which came to "Bertolucci new", almost never Bertolucci. Anyway, that movie is playing

Thandie Newton

and David Thewlis (who was David in a board) would be another proof of his & her; Ability to reduce film maker who was one of the largest in the era in which the cinema was larger: filmmaker full, tough, tough fever

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