Bernardo Bertolucci: On The Last Tango in Paris with the Last Emperor, shocking the world's visual leader


MeAfter a fiftieth anniversary, the Italian director Bernardo Bertolucci, who died at the age of 77, sentenced vision, cinematographic poetry and sexual controversy on the big screen. He studied physics and spiritualism, he won the Academy Award The Final Emperor (1987), and made one movie, The Shape (1970), which is a bigger feeling as one of the big cinema mastery strategies for the past year. And he filmed another man, Last Tango in Paris (1972), which is still one of the most popular films ever.

Bertolucci was born in Parma in World War II, the mother of a Italian-Italian teacher and Italian poet, criticism and historian who subsequently motivated the film as he began his career when He spoke to the director Pier Paolo Pasolini who employs his son as director of his film Tattone (1961).

Pasolini gave an inspirational style of poetry and sexual and spiritual subjects to the Italian 1950s cinema neorealism, focusing on the war effort after the war, often burned by non-professional performers, but Bertolucci , who once wanted to be a poet like his father, a language of pictures that had gone abroad his councilor. He used light and reflection, color richness and a piece of writing that allowed to move. Small actions show a character; Images that grow close to a meter.

Bertolucci was thrown out with the French filmmakers at the poor nouvelle, especially Jean-Luc Godard. In the second film in Italy, Before the Revolution (Prima della rivoluzione) (1964), the main character, Fabrizio, who looks like self-portrait, Go to the cinema to look at Godard's Une Femme et Une Femme (1961).

More than 40 years later, in the culture The Brufflers (2003), Bertolucci thought not only does he use trois between the daughters of Eva Green and Louis Garrel and the American exchange student at Michael Pitt, but one of the world's sex, politics and cinema, with Paris's renewable energy in 1968 at her & ultimately the smallest partner. The characters will show scenes from Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo's films, and, the most famous, the vision of a & # 39; ran through the Louvre from Godard & s Bande à rann (1964), as well as supporting the & # 39; first feature of the director, À bout de souffleno Onwards (1960).

Bertolucci on the set of The Last Emperor & # 39; in 1987 (AP)

Jean-Paul Belmondo has somewhat killed anarchist À bout de souffle in the fascist spirit of Jean-Louis Trintignant in the amazing 1970 film in Bertolucci The ShapeHowever, the director, who is still forty years, still has a few steps; fight when set against the coherent beauty of film cinematography. Remember too, Bertolucci developed the story for One hour in the West (1968) by Sergio Leone and He whispered director of Dario Argento – who brought the all-American hero Henry Fonda to her; play miller cold-eyed child.

The next film of Bertolucci, Last Tango in Paris, once it was classically named taboo-breaking, b & # 39; That's the worst impact of his fame and his job. The scripture (with French language changes by Agnes Varda) grew out of fancy that the director had to sleep with a beautiful woman he had seen on the street without knowing his name .

Bertolucci is singing Marlon Brando, who is 47 years old and Maria Schneider, who is 19 years old, is the story of a woman who was a widow recently and a young Parisian woman a & # 39; gender genres begin anonymously. But it was introduced an anal imitation, which included a piece of butter as a device, that taxes were introduced into Italy against the screenwriter, producer, Bertolucci and Brando, and as a result of two-year prison sentences, with all copies of the film being caught and destroyed.

Maria Schneider in her blog in 1972 & # 39; Last Tango in Paris & (39) (United Artists)

Fortunately, they were, but the status that was followed in 2016 was badly damaged, when a Bertolucci play from 2013 revealed how he and Brando had a & 39 ; come in with the idea to & # 39; using butter in a movie crime scene, but told Schneider, with the director saying he "wanted her rejection as a girl, not as an actress. I wanted to be She has been convicted. "

Romantic partners who come together (and opposed sexual violence) refurbished in Bertolucci The moon (1979), a little sadness that did not comment on the real concern that was followed in 1987. The Final Emperor, telling the story about the emperor of the child Pu Yi, who began as a three-year-old ruler of hundreds of millions of Chinese, before the 1911 issue, and later became "heavy" converted "in communism for Mao Zhedong. Bertolucci's great photographs of his life in the Forbidden Town won the nine Oscars movie, and including Best Director.

This is the last benefit. His change was on Paul Bowles & # 39; The Sky Sheltering (1990) is a marriage that is disturbing the stranger and landscape of North Africa's landscapes to an interesting story about a couple who has a great deal. struggling together. Little Buddha (1993) by Keanu Reeves as a brilliant story The Prince of Siddhartha is a rough misstep. Guidance for parents (1996), it is a real prize for a smaller story of the first love, which is the situation of Tuscan's position as a Bertolucci animation as a filmmaker to make an appeal, although more as well as to & # 39; Thinking that the man is looking to improve his / her; camera on the boy Liv Tyler. His final film, You and me (2013), he was still more innocent, even though he was a little bit-tired to the director's role.

In some ways, Bertolucci is like a filmmaker who is overseas, but at the best, the effects of his / her life are still; going bigger.

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