Bernardo Bertolucci, the director of Ultimo tango in Paris, died


Bernardo Bertolucci in filming The Last Tango in Paris, along with Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider. The leader in Rome died at the age of 77

Italian film maker

Bernardo Bertolucci

, known for films such as
The last tango in Paris (1972) no
The last emperor (1987), who died in Rome at the age of 77, who appeared on Monday in Italian media. The director, who was regarded as a master of Italian plays and worlds, won a well-known world-renowned Gold Palm in 2011 for his professional career.

Newspaper Bertolucci, Punto and Virgola, confirmed Monday on an e-mail to The Associated Press. The Netherlands RAI journalist said the film maker died with his family home in Rome.

Here, with its star in the Fame Hall, in Hollywood, in 2013
Here, with its star in the Fame Hall, in Hollywood, in 2013 Source: Archive

Bertolucci films investigated gender relationships between characters in psychological emergence,
like in the Last Tango in Paris, a film that had a lot of influence and even, years later,
A victim of abuse with his main actor, María Schneider.

Bertolucci, who said he was a Marxist, also went deep into political and knowledge issues, as he was
Bruadhaichean (2003)
and inside
The Shape (1970), which many critics think about his amazing work. Despite working with some of the main American and international cinema stars, such as Marlon Brando and John Malkovich, Bertolucci was always defending its style against Hollywood film industry.

The director, son of the famous poet and writer Attilio Bertolucci, was born on March 16, 1941 in a wealthy family in the small town of Parma, in northern Italy. As a young man he had a great talent and at 21 he won a prize for poetry and decided to become a filmmaker.

He started as an assistant of another Italian poet, Pier Paolo Pasolini, in the first film called Pasolini,
Tattone, in 1961, a photograph of a Roman pimp. Bertolucci's first film,
The Grim Reaper, In 1962, an investigation was made about the murder of a Roman prostitute that was told from many perspectives.

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